The National Audit Office has started auditing performance in the field of energy and environment

The National Audit Office of Kosovo has started the performance audit in the field of energy and environment with the topic “Licensing system of hydropower plants and their impact on

A criminal report is submitted for the degradation of the waterfall and Mirusha park

NGO Active Citizens has filed a criminal report regarding the degradation of the Natural Monument “Waterfalls and Mirusha Park” declared as a special area, related to the project: Cleaning the

Municipalities to publish annual reports of environmental protection inspections

The Law on the Inspectorate of Environment, Water, Nature, Spatial Planning and Construction aims, inter alia, at organizing and overseeing inspections, as well as coordinating inspection oversight, and other issues

Environmental benefits of energy conservation

Reduction of surface and groundwater pollution Extraction of fossil fuels such as coal and oil from underground degrades and contaminates the groundwater supply. Water pollution and can make it unfit




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