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KOSID published a legal analysis called “Sharri National Park: The target of Crime”

This research addresses the legal violations taking place in the National Park “Sharri” regarding this park’s flora and fauna. The legal analysis elaborates the destruction of the National Park “Sharri”

Rising global temperature

Average global temperatures in 2020 were linked to the hottest years recorded, covering what was also the hottest decade on the planet ever recorded, according to new data analysis. The

Total atmospheric carbon dioxide content

We are told that the atmospheric content of carbon dioxide (CO2) is a catastrophically dangerous level, and we must do something to reduce it. This simple chart is something that

The Campaign Give a Color to the Country

The “Give the Country Color” campaign aims to expand green spaces in Kosovo by planting 1.8 million trees by 2030. This campaign is implemented by “Let’s Clean Kosovo” and the




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