Promising practice: informative panels and waste baskets are placed in the ShFMU “Azem Bejta” and in the water tank in the village of Shtuticë, municipality of Drenas

This activity was carried out today within the framework of the implementation of activities for the environment and sustainable development, through support within the second round of rewards for creative

International cleaning day is also marked this year

Even this year in Kosovo, some concrete steps have been taken by various actors such as civil society, local authorities and volunteers, for the cleaning campaign, in order to preserve

Promising practice: Trees are planted in the school grounds

Within the framework of the implementation of activities for the environment and sustainable development, the Bellanica Foundation based in the village of Bellanica, through volunteer engagement, planted 12 trees. This

International conference – Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change

The Center for Energy and Sustainability of the University of Pristina organizes the first international conference “Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change”, which will be held on September 23, 2022, from

EU cleaning action in Lake Badovci, Szunyog calls for a cleaner environment

The Office of the European Union in Kosovo, together with GIZ Kosovo, the Young European Ambassadors, and PAMKOS organized an activity for the cleaning of Lake Badovci on Friday. The


Establishment of the children’s group for the protection of the environment and climate change. Youth Ecological and Security Zone – EcoZ is a community-based organization that aims to protect the

Promising practice: Biomass heating plant in Gjakova, other cities are also considering this alternative

A biomass heating plant has replaced the 40-year-old oil-based system in the vicinity of Gjakova and is now generating clean, green energy around the clock. This is an innovation in

Organising a local clean up for our global World Cleanup Event?

Make sure you are prepared and are able to use reusable materials as much as possible — so that we don’t create even more waste while collecting it. Clarify that




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