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Balkan Green Ideas 2022 Documentary

Take a look at the 11th edition of the BGI competition highlights featuring entrepreneurs, national partners and jury members and get inspired to compete in the next edition. Balkan Green

Investments in alternative energy sources

Hostels in the region of Bjeshke i Nemuna are investing in alternative energy sources to cope more easily with the difficult winter months. During this season, inns and lodges face

One more illegal dumpsite DELETED from the map!

Advocacy for environmental protection and awareness of water resource management

The third speech of the “Green Talk” platform by Egzona Shala, operational director at the NGO EcoZ, expresses the difficulties and challenges that Kosovo faces in the case of water

Pollution in Kosovo and a dog cafe: Tuesday’s best photos (Guardian)

Obiliq, Kosovo A man rides his horse next to a power station. Two coal-fired plants are the main source of the alarming air pollution levels in Kosovo Photograph: Armend Nimani/AFP/Getty

Promising practice: beech seedlings to grow greenery in Butovc

On May 5, organizations and volunteers gathered to plant seedlings in one of the most beautiful villages of Prishtina, in Butvoc. MP Fitore Pacolli was also part of this activity,

The first Green Talks debate – ‘The future of coal in Kosovo’

Discussions about energy in recent months have been numerous. Due to the energy crisis, alternative energy solutions are already being considered. The Green Talks debate “The future of coal in

Over 100 illegal landfills are removed without a guarantee that they will not be refilled

With excavators and trucks, 45 thousand cubic meters of waste were removed. The landfill, which has been established for years in the village of Bërnica, is leaving the Municipality of

What is EU doing to reduce the impact of climate change and global warming?

Reducing drastically greenhouse gas emissions up to 90% (by 2050) Limiting power production and manufacturing industries (ETS) Reducing emissions from new cars & other vehicles Providing €14 billion to partners

NGO EC Ma Ndryshe with calls for increased greenery in urban public spaces

EC Ma Ndryshe has realized a performance, to address as a concern the lack of greenery in public spaces. This performance was realized in the Municipality of Prizren, in the

Lawsuit against the municipality postpones the creation of the adventure park (video)

On-site inspection at the destruction site in the Bjeshkët e Nemuna National Park in Kosovo

Since the Kelag had repeatedly affirmed that they are operating properly and lawfully while calling local environmentalists liars, Riverwatch CEO Ulrich Eichelmann took a look for himself on site. In

Kelkos back in commission!

This time, MP Mimoza Kusari asked for clarifications from ERO (even the Minister but did not come) what they are doing to increase the monitoring of Kelkos, knowing their history.She