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Kosovo’s spatial legal reform at a dead end?!

Continuously to address and manage the challenges of spatial development, during the years 2003-2013, spatial regulation in Kosovo went through two cycles of legal changes. This analysis compares the laws

MESP report on Hydropower is published

The working group for “Review of administrative procedures implemented for hydropower plants and their impact on the environment”, has finalized its work and presented the main findings through a report.

Kosovo at a crossroads in terms of the energy sector

Kosovo is at crossroads regarding the energy sector, having to choose to act on either “grow now – clean up later” or “sustainable development”. Part of the solution of the

The Sustainable Development Goals Report

The report demonstrates that progress is being made in somecritical areas, and that some favorable trends are evident. Extremepoverty has declined considerably, the under-5 mortality rate fellby 49 per cent

INDEP Publishes the Policy Analysis “The Recovery is Green – Renewable Energy Challenges and Opportunities Policy Analysis”

Institute for Development Policy (INDEP) calls on Kosovo’s institutions to lead the way towards Green Recovery, starting with large investments in the renewable energy sector through its revised/expanded Economic Recovery

Environmental pollution in Prizren

Through this research it is intended to assess the current state of the environment in Prizren based on the concerns and experiences of citizens about the problems displayed.

KOSID published a legal analysis called “Sharri National Park: The target of Crime”

This research addresses the legal violations taking place in the National Park “Sharri” regarding this park’s flora and fauna. The legal analysis elaborates the destruction of the National Park “Sharri”

Greenhouse gas emissions in Kosovo

Greenhouse gas emissions in KosovoThe increase of atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases produces effects on climate change, respectively on its heating. It is estimated that globally from 1990 until today,

Green management at the municipal level

The research “Green management at the municipal level” aims to inform citizens about the commitment of municipal directorates in the field of environment. This document also presents comparisons between municipalities.

What areVolatile Organic Compounds?(VOCs)

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are a combination of gases and odors emitted by many different toxins and chemicals from everyday products. VOCs can come from fires and candles, cleaning products,

Actors and Policy Mapping for Effective Implementation of Kosovo’s NECP

Currently, more than 91.43% of electrical energy produced in Kosovo comes from the burning of fossil fuels, i.e., respectively coal, with a low caloric value of 7200 kJ/kg in existing

Green Business Expo on 1-2 December

We are pleased to inform you that Green Business Expo (formerly known as Green Festival), will kick-off again on December 1-2, 2020 at . This year, due to the


Existing power plants in Kosovo are estimated to cause a total of 70 to 169 million euros per year in health costs for residents and governments in the region?😮 #LetsTalkAboutAir,

Carbon Dioxide CO2

Carbon dioxide is a gas consisting of part carbon and parts oxygen. It is one of the most important gases on the because plants use it to produce carbohydrates in

National Platform for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development in Kosovo

On 26th of September 2020, following with an online session on 8th of October, PACT organized a National Forum with CSO’s active on environmental issues and sustainable development. 11 CSO

Local Government Kosovo and Sustainable Development Goals

The Assembly of Kosovo has adopted the Resolution for Sustainable Development and established the Council for Sustainable Development. This way committing to develop their own national indicators to assist in