The material for Environmental Protection

High pollution from coal power plants in Kosovo

Pollution from coal-fired power plants in Kosovo increased instead of decreasing during 2020, according to a report published today by the CEE Bankwatch Network and the Center for Energy and

Biodiversity and its impact on environment

Biodiversity makes the earth habitable. Biodiverse ecosystems provide nature-based solutions that buffer us from natural disasters such as floods and storms, filter our water and regenerate our soils. The clearance

377 mandatory fines were imposed on environmental polluters during the months of March – July 2021

Number of Mandatory Fines of the Administrative Instruction, no. 06/2018 imposed for the five-month period (March, April, May, June and July 2021) for environmental polluters is a total of 377.

Computer scenarios show that climate change can be stopped

While the world’s leading scientists on climate change published a report full of warnings this week, they continued to insist that the world still has a chance to prevent the

Consequences of deforestation and the need for reforestation

Over the past two decades, a growing body of scientific evidence suggests that deforestation, by triggering a complex cascade of events, creates the conditions for a range of deadly pathogens—such

Appeal for mobilization not to light fires

At a time when our country is facing high temperatures, unfortunately a disturbing phenomenon is emerging, endangering people’s lives, economic consequences and environmental damage. It is about the appearance of

Support in the protection and regeneration of Kosovo forests

Communtiy Development Fund (CDF), through its HumanRightivism has supported local organisation Sustainability Leadership Kosova (SLK) in organisation of the event #MoseMerrMalin – the public event which marks the beginning of

Save the environment!

Community Development Fund through the project HumanRightivism today has supported the ‘Alpine Club’ in the implementation of training on environmental protection. Awareness was discussed during the lecture, and actions to

Kurti: A legislative package should be made for the protection of the environment

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti has joined the campaign “Say no to plastic bags” and has received from the association “HANDIKOS” reusable strike worked by people with disabilities.

Stop charcoal – turn on the sun

If we stopped using coal in the Western Balkans for electricity, heating and heavy industry, this would eliminate the biggest source of air pollution. Instead of millions of euros in

Socio-economic, political and environmental impacts of food waste

Let’s Talk About Food Waste aims to initiate a community-led dialogue with other stakeholders in Kosovo on the socio-economic, political and environmental impacts of Food Waste and to pilot innovative

Air Quality measurements during this week

As part of “Youth Care for Kosovo” project, our activists made air quality measurements this week in the municipality of Drenas, Fushë Kosovë, Obiliq, and Hani i Elezit. These measurements

Kick off the campaign Let’sTalkAboutAir!

The winter is coming to Kosovo, and so does the air pollution. This morning the smog was hanging over Prishtina, as a reminder that the air pollution has reached unhealthy

Lecture on environmental issues

Today Ngo PEN were at the “Iliria” primary school in Prishtina for our 13th lecture on environmental issues within the “Youth Care for Kosovo” project. Thank You to the young