Capacity building for environmental activists

The workshops on ‘Project Cycle Management’ and ‘Technical and Environmental Issues’ training in Fushë Kosovë with representatives of civil society and young environmental activists organized by PACT in the framework of HumanRightivism ended today.

In the framework of the training, the phases of the project cycle have been elaborated, taking the environmental context as a basis, as well as topics that break down the factors and their interrelationship from the local level to climate change at the regional level and beyond and vice versa.

The training is organized in the framework of raising the capacities of civil society regarding the understanding of environmental issues and sustainable development. The discussions aim at civic activation, bearing in mind the current environmental challenges faced by the citizens of Kosovo.

Završen je proces izrade Plana upravljanja Nacionalnim parkom „Bjeshket e Nemuna“

U okviru aktivnosti projekta „Program za životnu sredinu Kosova“ (KEP) koji podržava SIDA, završen je proces izrade Plana upravljanja Nacionalnim parkom „Bjeshket e Nemuna“.

Ova aktivnost je bila deo treće komponente projekta „Jačanje upravljanja prekograničnim prirodnim područjima“, koji je imao za cilj jačanje kapaciteta Direkcija nacionalnih parkova za upravljanje prirodnim resursima, povećanje znanja i zaštitu biodiverziteta i razviti kapacitete za unapređenje upravljanja prekograničnim zaštićenim područjima.

Ovaj Plan ne sadrži detaljne tehničke informacije vezane za Park jer postoji veliki broj drugih specifičnih studija i izvora relevantnih naučnih podataka.

Svrha ovog plana je da predstavi realističan i izvodljiv modalitet upravljanja u skladu sa specifičnim pravnim, ekološkim i socio-ekonomskim kontekstom koji se odnosi na Nacionalni park Bješket e Nemuna.

Tokom izrade nacrta PM Nacionalnog parka Bješket e Nemuna angažovani su međunarodni i domaći stručnjaci, dok su u proces izrade uključeni i zvaničnici iz IMPHI, AMMK, Nacionalnih parkova, opština, NVO, itd.

Kosovo Green Action

Balkan Green Foundation (BGF) in cooperation with Lëvizja FOL (FOL) and Open Data Kosovo (ODK) will implement the Kosovo Green Action project.

Kosovo Green Action project will be financed by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development – World Bank through the provision of a GPSA Grant.

Project partners will implement material measures and actions so that the Kosovo Green Action Project is implemented in accordance with the Environmental and Social Standards (ESSs).

The Environmental and Social Commitment Plan
(ESCP) sets out material measures and actions, any specific documents or plans, as well as the timing for each of the above-mentioned.

Check the following link for the detailed ESCP of the Kosovo Green Action Project:

Promising practice: informative panels and waste baskets are placed in the ShFMU “Azem Bejta” and in the water tank in the village of Shtuticë, municipality of Drenas

This activity was carried out today within the framework of the implementation of activities for the environment and sustainable development, through support within the second round of rewards for creative activities, from community-based initiatives.

Fitore Shabani, the initiator of this activity, who is also a chemistry teacher at this school, has been supported by the Platform for Environment and Sustainable Development (www.environment-hub) implemented by the PACT organization through the HumanRightivism project.

In this important activity for the preservation of the environment in this location, which is also visited by residents from other municipalities from the region, the employees of this school have contributed with voluntary work.

Promising practice: Trees are planted in the school grounds

Within the framework of the implementation of activities for the environment and sustainable development, the Bellanica Foundation based in the village of Bellanica, through volunteer engagement, planted 12 trees.

This activity, which is supported by creative awards through the HumanRightivism project by PACT (Partners in Action), was carried out in the yard of the “Ismail Qemali” school in Bellanica.

The awards for creative environmental ideas with long-term impact serves as an opportunity for initiatives undertaken by local community-based organizations and activists.

The non-governmental organization PEN (Peer Educators Network) is implementing the CleanWaterCrisis campaign

This campaign aims to make citizens aware of the consequences of polluted water in the ecosystem. Last week we took two water samples from the four rivers of Kosovo: Sitnica, Llap, Lepenc, and the Drenica river.

In more detail, seven water samples were taken in four rivers of Kosovo:

● Sitnica – 1 sample;

● Ointment – ​​2 samples;

● Lepenc – 2 samples;

● Drenica – 2 samples.

These samples were taken in this form in order to compare the results of the level of pollution along the stretch of the river. The samples taken in the field were carried out in cooperation with the Hydrometeorological Institute of Kosovo. Then, the experts in the field analyzed the physical and chemical compositions of the water more deeply. The data generated from the analysis of the samples will be published during this week on PEN’s social networks.

This campaign takes place within the HumanRightivism project, where the donor is the Swedish Government and the project is managed by CDF. For more details, we invite you to follow the campaign on PEN’s official pages on social networks.

Discussion panel for improving the living environment and arranging public spaces

On February 15, the NGO EC MA NDRYSHE organized within HumanRightivism a panel discussion on “Improving the living environment through inspection and regulation of public spaces.

In this meeting, EC presented the research findings related to environmental inspection at the municipal level, as well as the practices of interventions in public spaces to increase environmental care. Panel participants from the Ministry of Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure, representatives of the Municipality of Prizren and representatives of the Faculty of Architecture, University of Prishtina, had the opportunity to discuss issues, share experiences and present progress in environmental success planning and narratives.

A case where institutional actors from local and central level as well as civil society actors discussed public policies, activities and measures to be taken to improve the environment in general. Also, a number of civil society organizations for environmental protection and citizens were involved in discussions which brought about some of the challenges and difficulties they face and strive to develop and address environmental issues and concerns.

Community Development Fund – CDF

Embassy of Sweden in Pristina

EC Ma Ndryshe

Coaching session with CSO’s

In the municipality of Dragash / Dragash, PACT held a mentoring session with the organization SHEA Ambienti.

In the framework of the activity for the promotion of Eco-tourism in the Municipality of Dragash, PACT developed SWAN and PESTLE analysis with the participants of the organization and representatives of the directorates within the Municipality of Dragash.

Information was exchanged on environmental issues and effects in the field of eco-tourism. The use of the electronic platform Environment Hub ( was also discussed and the details and opportunities offered by this platform for organizational capacity building as well as for advocacy and lobbying in the field of environment and sustainable development were explained.

This activity is organized in the framework of the SideStep project which is implemented in the framework of HumanRightivism, which is managed by CDF and supported by the Swedish Embassy in Prishtina.

Coaching session with local NGOs

Today in the municipality of Kaçanik, PACT held a mentoring session (coaching) at the Regional Center for Environmental Protection and Promotion – Ajri (Alb. Air).

Information was exchanged on environmental issues in the Municipality of Kaçan and more broadly, on projects, with special emphasis on networking, fundraising, project project writing and project management and what are the issues that the NGO faces.

It was also discussed about the electronic platform Environment Hub ( by explaining the details and opportunities that this platform offers for organizational capacity building as well as for advocacy and lobbying in the field of environment and sustainable environment.


Mentoring sessions with NGOs

Today PACT held a mentoring session (coaching) with the organization Ambienti from Dragash.

During the sessions, the use of the electronic platform Environment Hub ( was discussed and the details and opportunities offered by this platform for organizational capacity building as well as for advocacy and lobbying in the field of environment and sustainable development were explained.

Information was also shared on project development, with particular emphasis on fundraising, project proposal writing and project management as well as the challenges this organization faces.

The electronic platform is supported by HumanRightivism, managed by the CDF Community Development Fund, supported by SIDA through the Swedish Embassy in Pristina.