A pioneer for the region – AWESK organizes the first ever “Women&Energy” conference

The Association of Women in the Energy Sector in Kosovo (AWESK) has announced that, supported by the office of the President of Kosovo, it is organizing for the first time not only in Kosovo but also in the region the Conference “Women & Energy” with the theme “Together in GE (Women in Energy) ) we can break the glass ceiling”.
In the announcement, the date when the event will take place, 22.09.2022, is also shared.

In this way, AWESK has invited international companies, institutions and programs to become sponsors of the event.

Important to note, AWESK with their work and dedication is responding directly to the challenges women face, including under-representation in professional and academic settings, and the lack of institutional support to create and inclusive energy sector.

Otherwise, last month the association had published the report “Gender diversity in the energy sector in Kosovo”, with support from GIZ.

In that publication, the underrepresentation of women in Kosovo’s energy sector was highlighted, as the report provided specific data about the personnel and the level of representation of women for each operator, institution and relative actor in the energy sector.

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Municipalities to publish annual reports of environmental protection inspections

The Law on the Inspectorate of Environment, Water, Nature, Spatial Planning and Construction aims, inter alia, at organizing and overseeing inspections, as well as coordinating inspection oversight, and other issues of importance in this regard. However, this coordination is still not at the right level, between the local and central level inspectorate, as for environmental issues the local level does not report to the Inspectorate of the Ministry through annual reports, although this is a legal obligation.

Inspection supervision according to the legislation means control and supervision over the implementation of the law and other legal acts, as well as the implementation of administrative measures and other measures against working activities, natural and legal persons in order to prevent, reduce and eliminate irregularities in law enforcement and provisions other legal in force.

Pursuant to the Law on the Inspectorate of Environment, Water, Nature, Spatial Planning and Construction, the organization of the inspectorate at the local level within the municipal directorates is realized according to the respective fields: Municipal Inspectorate of Environmental Protection, and Municipal Inspectorate of Construction, where the number is assigned of inspectors is regulated by the local government body.
“Municipal inspectors keep the records of inspection supervision and are obliged to report to the Inspectorate of the Ministry through annual reports in the relevant fields,” said in the provisions of this law.

However, according to the statements of the responsible officials of MESP, there are no regular reports from the local level inspectorate, although at the end of the year they should inform the Inspectorate of the Ministry about the work done, in order for this to serve as coordination. of activities of the same line. According to them, the local level inspectors fulfill their obligations according to the legislation regarding special cases and at the request of the Inspectorate of the Ministry, in which case they report according to the specific request.

It should be reminded that the Municipal Inspectorate of Environmental Protection exercises its duties and responsibilities through control and inspection oversight in the implementation of laws in the field of environmental protection, water and nature, and that according to legislation should carry out oversight in the implementation of measures and conditions set by Municipal environmental permits, water and nature protection permits, issued by the Municipality.

EC Ma Ndryshe considers that in the absence of sending annual reports to MESP and as well as their non-publication on the websites of the Municipality, the public is deprived of the right to be notified and seek responsibility regarding cases of environmental pollution, environmental damage or degradation. of the environment.

The EC therefore calls on public authorities to further improve cooperation and coordination between them for the implementation of measures as well as inspection supervision in order to protect the environment, according to the concept of sustainable development, in order to minimize the risk to life and health. human beings as well as other creatures, as well as to ensure the conservation and protection of natural resources, in parallel with the promotion of public participation in environmental protection activities.

Citizens’ reaction to the environmental scandal related to asbestos and the lack of green spaces

The Lakrishtë neighborhood residents’ council was received today by the mayor of Prishtina, Mr. Përparim Rama.

In this meeting, the residents expressed their concern and arguments regarding the environmental scandal of uncontrolled destruction of carcinogenic asbestos, as well as the list of legal and procedural violations regarding the dubious 120 million business-housing project of the Public Housing Enterprise, which was allowed by former municipal government.

The Residents’ Council submitted a petition signed by about 1 thousand adult residents, mainly heads of households, requesting the Mayor of Prishtina, the Municipal Assembly, the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning to review all of them on the basis of arguments. illegal decisions and completely cancel this dubious project which is being investigated by the Kosovo Police.

Residents’ representatives, after expressing their concern about the non-transparency that accompanied this project and the lack of public debate, submitted a request through a petition for the creation of a park on municipal public property, arguing this request with the lack of green spaces, large scale of environmental pollution and the fact that this neighborhood is located in an area overloaded with tall buildings and vehicles.

The Mayor of Prishtina, Përparim Rama, after thanking the residents for the presented arguments, expressed his concern with the asbestos destruction scandal and promised that he will deal with this case and avoid the continuous consequences that the residents are facing as a result. of contamination. He promised that the Municipality of Prishtina, after reviewing the arguments presented by legal experts, will annul all illegal decisions while emphasizing that it will be a cooperative partner and supporter of reasonable requests of residents.

Today begins with the third edition of LetsTalkAboutAir!

Winter is approaching and so is air pollution in Kosovo. Air affects us all, whether you are big or small, young or old, rich or poor.

Embassy Swedish in Pristina together with BB Green Kosova will meet experts, doctors, young people and decision makers to learn more about air pollution.

How does it affect us and what are the solutions? Follow our campaign! Join the discussion! LetsTalkAboutAir which is supported by the Swedish Embassy in Prishtina.

To watch the video click here:


United Balkans for clean air

The regional campaign “United Balkans for clean air” is being conducted for the second year in a row, in order to raise awareness of the citizens of the region about the causes and consequences of pollution, possible ways to improve air quality, and commitment to a healthier environment through regional solidarity.

Coal burning is the largest individual source of air pollution in the Western Balkans with all the power plants it leads. The companies that run them, and the countries in the region do not abide by the laws. the same goes for large combustion plants.

Continued use of coal-fired power plants will make carbon neutrality impossible by 2050. In addition, the industry will face a financial decline if it fails to quickly adopt cleaner technology.We must act now, to stop using coal to have cleaner air.

There is no more v end for coal-fired power plants and polluting industries in the Western Balkans.

Representatives from Kosovo are elected to the Board of Directors of the Dinaric Parks network

The Director of the National Park “Sharri” Bajram Kafexholli and the Director of the National Park “Cursed Mountains”, Fatmir Morina, are participating in the Annual Conference of Dinaric Arc Parks – (Network of Protected Areas of Dinaric), which is being held this year in the Bar of Montenegro.
This year the network conference is being held under the motto “Protected Areas for the New Decade – Future Challenges”. One of the main goals of the conference is to improve communication between network members and strengthen cooperation for the development of new plans and initiatives for the future.
The main topics of the conference this year are: the impact of the COVID pandemic on protected areas, the expansion of the Dinaric region with new protected areas, the perspective of protected areas in the context of European Union policies, the management of visitors to protected areas, monitoring of mammal species in the Dinaridae area as well as pressures on natural resources in the protected areas of this region. The members of the Network had the opportunity to get acquainted in detail with the activities carried out in the previous two years.
In accordance with the Statute of Dinaric Parks, within the conference was held the General Assembly of the network where the election of the members of the new Board of Directors took place. In the framework of the election of new members for the Steering Board, Kosovo is represented with the position of Vice President of this network and with one member in the Technical Council of the Board.
In addition to the representatives of the National Park “Bjeshkët e Nemuna” and the National Park “Sharri”, Kosovo in this network is also represented by the Nature Park “Gërmia”.
Kosovo Parks are the full members of the Dinaric Parks network since 2014. The Dinaric Parks Network consists of 95 protected areas from Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.

The Campaign Give a Color to the Country

The “Give the Country Color” campaign aims to expand green spaces in Kosovo by planting 1.8 million trees by 2030. This campaign is implemented by “Let’s Clean Kosovo” and the Kosovo Olympic Committee.