On-site inspection at the destruction site in the Bjeshkët e Nemuna National Park in Kosovo

Since the Kelag had repeatedly affirmed that they are operating properly and lawfully while calling local environmentalists liars, Riverwatch CEO Ulrich Eichelmann took a look for himself on site. In the midst of the national park, the Kelag dredged the riverbed without permission. This is what “green energy” of the Kelag looks like.
By the way, Kelag had to take the 3 power plants off the grid because they failed to meet environmental requirements. Thus, the river currently carries the full amount of water even downstream of the power plants.

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Kelkos back in commission!

This time, MP Mimoza Kusari asked for clarifications from ERO (even the Minister but did not come) what they are doing to increase the monitoring of Kelkos, knowing their history.
She also raised the issue of legalizing the pipeline route as illegal but also dangerous as Kelkos has placed their power cables on the water pipes of Deçan.
When there is a breakdown and the water pipes burst, the water workers have to put their hands in the stream of kelkos to fix us in the water. So neither the Hydrodrini, nor KEDS, nor the municipality nor the ministry that is responsible, seems to be endangering the lives of the workers and all of us. After learning about this case on Friday, Pishtaret have presented the evidence to the police and the prosecutor.