Debate on Air Quality and Energy Transition

A live debate through CoopAIRation: Air Quality and Energy Transition in Kosovo and in Serbia debate #LIVE will be held today at 12h, where Rinora Gojani, Programmes and Operations Manager at BGF, will be one of the speakers.

Air pollution has proven to be a massive problem and a shared challenge at the regional level that has already given rise to numerous protests in the Western Balkans. Pollution has reached levels so high across the region that the health hazard is impossible to ignore. These problems are becoming worse in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, as people living in areas affected by heavy air pollution have been found to be much more vulnerable to the effects of the novel coronavirus.

In Kosovo and Serbia poor air quality can be summarized in their heavy dependence on fossil fuels, both for energy production and household heating, significant pollution in urban areas, as well as a lack of data and information on the quality of air.

The problem of air quality as well as a necessity for the transformation of the energy sector have also been emphasized within the context of the EU integration of Serbia and Kosovo. The aim of this discussion is to provide an overview of the key challenges as well as to present possible modalities for enhancing cooperation in tackling these issues.

21 March The International Day of Forests

The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 21 March the International Day of Forests in 2012 to celebrate and raise awareness of the importance of all types of forests. Countries are encouraged to undertake local, national and international efforts to organize activities involving forests and trees, such as tree planting campaigns.

The organizers are the United Nations Forum on Forests and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), in collaboration with Governments, the Collaborative Partnership on Forests and other relevant organizations in the field.

SLK Champions Program

Calling all Individuals who are interested to learn about sustainable practices and apply them in their workplace.

There will be only 30 seats available therefore please use this link to show us your interest to be part of the SLK champions program: 

Program details are provided in the link above.

Deadline: 19 March 2021

Lecture on renewable energy and green clubs

For our very first lecture of this year, Organization PEN – Peer Educators Network were at the “Gjegj Kastrioti Skenderbeu” High School in Drenas to discuss on environmental issues ♻️ within the “Youth Care for Kosovo” project.

The young students were very energetic and curious during discussions on renewable energy and green clubs.


Today, BGF’s Programmes and Operations Manager, Rinora Gojani, was part of the environmental talk “Is there a solution?” organized by Riinvest College.

The lecture brought together personalities from various backgrounds, from activists to representatives from government levels, to provide an all-encompassing picture of the current developments within the sustainability realm in Kosovo.

Amongst them was Mimoza Kusari Lila, chairwoman of the Green Caucus Group, who focused on presenting the current state of affairs on the implementation of the legal structures in place for environmental protection in Kosovo, and underlined the need for reforms that lay the foundation for a development that is founded upon the principles of sustainable development.

Rinora Gojani gave emphasis to the negative implications of the current structure of energy sources, where the greatest reliance (over 97%) is on two coal-fired power plants, marking that its effects on air pollution, the environment, and our health are detrimental. “This inherited standing, this current energy mix coupled with heating, transportation, industry, our behaviors that harm the environment need to be altered. It is in our hands and the future generations to mark progress within the energy sector that will bring a just energy transition for a healthier and cleaner environment, for us and the region as pollution knows no boundaries,” stated Gojani

To represent the business sector, Nikki Murseli, program leader and designer at DYVO, highlights the benefits but also challenges of recycling as a business, where she stressed that despite obstacles, such efforts are very important because they are part of the puzzle for all-round efforts to achieve sustainable development.

Valbona Mustafa, an environmental activist, emphasized the importance of these movements as well as the role that each person can play in protecting the environment and raising their voice and getting involved in eliminating this chain of damage in nature. Mustafa stated that “Change begins with us. Together and we will make a difference despite all the problems.” She also made reference to the economic aspect and the lack of assessment for the social and environmental impact.

The lecture ended in a very fruitful discussion, where the students got to ask their questions on the topic and get more familiar with the happenings and opportunities in the field.

Invitation to the Photo Competition “Let’s Talk About Air!”

The Embassy of Sweden in Kosovo announces an open call to take part in a photo competition about air as part of the campaign Let’s Talk About Air. Take the best photo on the topic “Air” and win a prize! The aim of the competition is to raise awareness of the air quality in Kosovo, to highlight the issues of air pollution and to find solutions to improve our air quality and thus get a more green, healthy and environmental-friendly Kosovo.

Invitation to the “Let’s Talk About Air!” Photo Competition

The Embassy of Sweden in Kosovo announces an open call to take part in a photo competition about air as part of the campaign Let’s Talk About Air. Take the best photo on the topic “Air” and win a prize!

The aim of the competition is to raise awareness of the air quality in Kosovo, to highlight the issues of air pollution and to find solutions to improve our air quality and thus get a more green, healthy and environmental-friendly Kosovo.

How do I participate?

1. Take a photo on the topic “Air”.

2. Send the photo to with your name and contact details.

3. Upload the photo on social media with the hashtag #letstalkaboutair and #swedeninkosovo.

Deadline: 2021-02-10, 24:00 hours. 

Make sure to read the terms and conditions for the competition on the embassy’s website before participating! You find them here!

What can I win?

First prize: Air purifier from Phillips.

Second prize: Book package including photo book.

Third prize: Book package.

Place 1-10: The photos of the top 10 in the competition will be printed and exhibited at one or several occasions.

The winners are selected by a jury composed by staff members of the embassy of Sweden in Kosovo.

Launch of the HAPUKS public spaces platform

The platform of public spaces in Kosovo established by EC Ma Ndryshe aims to reflect the state of public spaces of our cities, starting this year with those of the city of Prizren. The platform has an interactive map where you can navigate the identified public spaces but also other information such as infographics, projects and the category of multimedia with additional literature. In this virtual presentation of the platform will be given some of the findings of the research of public spaces in Prizren.

The HAPUKS platform for the Municipality of Prizren was implemented within the project “rePUBLIC SPACES” which was financially supported by UN-HABITAT. Within this project, an investment has been made in the new park of the Lakuriq neighborhood in Prizren. This park is designed through the methodology of urban planning with the participation of neighborhood residents along with the internationally known virtual game – MineCraft of the Block after Block foundation.

In this virtual session you will be able to watch the premiere of the short documentary of the project “rePUBLIC SPACES”.

Let’s Do It tomorrow marks International Volunteer Day by announcing 2020 volunteers

Let’s Do It as one of the largest organizations in the country that carries out various environmental (but not only) volunteer activities for almost 10 years now, tomorrow will mark the International Volunteer Day by announcing the 2020 volunteers.

The 2020 volunteer announcement ceremony will be held at Let’s Do It offices which are located on Pashko Vasa Street in the Peyton neighborhood (Prishtina), starting at 11:00.

Volunteers of the year who will be announced tomorrow, continue to give their contribution for many years now in various fields for the benefit of the country and society. We have distinguished them the most for their contribution in the field of environmental protection, in the fight against COVID-19 as well as in some other very interesting areas which will be announced tomorrow.

The announcement of volunteers of the year was planned to be a greater event, as is the volunteer work itself, but due to the situation with the pandemic the number of participants and other guests has been reduced. On this occasion, all other measures have been taken to protect against COVID-19!

Online Information Session for the new call for proposals of the Community Development Fund (CDF)

An Online Information Session will be organized to promote the new call for proposals through HumanRightivism Project. Online streaming will take place on 09 November at 13:00hrs, through the Facebook platform:

Participants will get the opportunity to learn more about the call requirements and hear some tips for a successful application.
Who should attend? All NGOs, CSOs and interested parties.

You will be able to connect to the web streaming via:

Community Development Fund – CDF

Embassy of Sweden in Pristina


On-line Air Quality Conference for Stakeholders in Kosovo

On November 11, 2020, National Institute of Public Health and Millennium Foundation Kosovo organize an on-line Air Quality Conference for stakeholders in Kosovo, within the scope of the project “Supply of project management, air quality information management, behavior change and communication services”, financed by Millennium Challenge Corporation and implemented by NIRAS Consortium. The Conference will announce the  launching of a nation-wide air quality awareness campaign. The aim of the Conference is to present the MFK/MCC project and Government of Kosovo activities related to air quality, discuss closer cooperation of all stakeholders in implementation of these activities, exchange ideas and propose specific actions. The Conference Agenda is attached to this email.

We kindly ask you to register in advance for the Conference:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information on how to join the Conference. Further information on technical aspects of the Conference are presented in the attached “Zoom Connection Guidelines”.