Drini Day 2021 is celebrated

Most beautiful moments teens have experiened during the celebration of Drini Day 2021. They had the opportunity to learn how to paint and how to catch fish. Also they experienced sailing with a boat and biking alongside Drini while making sure to keep the river clean through a celaning action.

“Let’s Do It Peja” in Kosova and “Alpin” from Albania with the support from “Drin Corda” project, organized the activities to celebrate Drini Day 2021.


With the organization of the Association of Kosovo Municipalities, the fourth workshop ‘Localization of Agenda 2030 & Sustainable Development Objectives’ was held with municipal officials of the municipality of Istog.

The workshop with the motto ‘Do Not Leave Anyone Back’ in local level institutions and communities of Kosovo, is co-organized by the Association of Kosovo Municipalities and the Institute for Development Policy (INDEP).

This one-day workshop, which was dedicated to local municipal officials, provided a detailed explanation and better understanding of the localization of CDS, in order to strengthen the capacity to take concrete action to implement the 2030 Agenda, as well as the role of AKM in such initiatives that aim to support municipalities in this regard.

On this occasion, municipal officials had the opportunity to be trained to address the sustainability of actions at the local level, not only to increase their institutional capacity, but also to be able to systematically integrate CSDs and the ‘Do Not Leave Anyone Behind’ principle. in their programs and budgets and to ensure long-term commitment in addressing these topics.

Furthermore, the content of the workshop included the identification of CDDs and relevant targets for their municipalities and the development of recommendations for their action plans.

Since the MDGs cover all sectors, in this workshop participants were officials from different directorates of this municipality where they had the opportunity to reinforce their knowledge on this topic as well as joint cross-sectoral discussions that affect the Sustainable Development Objectives.

This project is implemented by AKM in cooperation with INDEP, supported by GIZ and NALAS.

Let’s Clean Kosovo!

On May 22, be part of the people who love the good of nature!

Let’s Clean Kosovo, again this year, comes to mobilize citizens in cleaning actions (and not only), to remove as much waste as possible and thus convey the message of protecting the environment from pollution.

This time, we invite you, challenging each of you, to become part of the action To Clean Brezovica, to unite, and once again to prove that despite every challenge, we REFUSE to live in a polluted environment and we will not allow this pollution continue.

Brezovica is one of the most beautiful places in Kosovo and beyond, taking care of it is the duty of each of us.

Transportation, food, water and logistics equipment are provided.
Departure from Prishtina is from our offices (Rr. Pashko Vasa – Pjeton) at 9:00.

For more information contact us at:
[email protected]
Tel: 044644633

World Migratory Bird Day is marked with the installation of wooden bird nests

On May 10, the World Migratory Bird Day was marked by EC Ma Ndryshe with the installation of several wooden bird nests in the city park of Gjakova. These lodges were built and set up together with KVRL (Local Youth Action Council) volunteers.

The purpose of this activity is to contribute to the creation of suitable conditions and protection of the habitat of these species. Bird houses are of particular importance because they provide a safe place for birds to build their nests, protecting them from the weather and predators.

Birds play a dynamic role in the functioning and maintenance of ecosystems. The ecological importance of birds is emphasized in many areas. They serve as pest controllers. Since birds feed on insects, they help eliminate unwanted pests and reduce the need to use harmful pesticides.
On the other hand a great contribution that birds make is also the conservation of plants. After eating plants, they keep the seeds in their intestines and store them in new places, contributing to the spread of flora.

As we are increasingly facing the loss of habitats and the reduction of bird nesting sites, it is seen necessary to implement such an initiative, hoping that this will convey the message to citizens and institutions to increase care for this important ecosystem categories

Embassy of Sweden in Pristina
Community Development Fund – CDF
EC Ma Ndryshe


Debate on Air Quality and Energy Transition

A live debate through CoopAIRation: Air Quality and Energy Transition in Kosovo and in Serbia debate #LIVE will be held today at 12h, where Rinora Gojani, Programmes and Operations Manager at BGF, will be one of the speakers.

Air pollution has proven to be a massive problem and a shared challenge at the regional level that has already given rise to numerous protests in the Western Balkans. Pollution has reached levels so high across the region that the health hazard is impossible to ignore. These problems are becoming worse in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, as people living in areas affected by heavy air pollution have been found to be much more vulnerable to the effects of the novel coronavirus.

In Kosovo and Serbia poor air quality can be summarized in their heavy dependence on fossil fuels, both for energy production and household heating, significant pollution in urban areas, as well as a lack of data and information on the quality of air.

The problem of air quality as well as a necessity for the transformation of the energy sector have also been emphasized within the context of the EU integration of Serbia and Kosovo. The aim of this discussion is to provide an overview of the key challenges as well as to present possible modalities for enhancing cooperation in tackling these issues.

21 March The International Day of Forests

The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 21 March the International Day of Forests in 2012 to celebrate and raise awareness of the importance of all types of forests. Countries are encouraged to undertake local, national and international efforts to organize activities involving forests and trees, such as tree planting campaigns.

The organizers are the United Nations Forum on Forests and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), in collaboration with Governments, the Collaborative Partnership on Forests and other relevant organizations in the field.

SLK Champions Program

Calling all Individuals who are interested to learn about sustainable practices and apply them in their workplace.

There will be only 30 seats available therefore please use this link to show us your interest to be part of the SLK champions program: https://bit.ly/3qfn91H 

Program details are provided in the link above.

Deadline: 19 March 2021

Lecture on renewable energy and green clubs

For our very first lecture of this year, Organization PEN – Peer Educators Network were at the “Gjegj Kastrioti Skenderbeu” High School in Drenas to discuss on environmental issues ♻️ within the “Youth Care for Kosovo” project.

The young students were very energetic and curious during discussions on renewable energy and green clubs.


Today, BGF’s Programmes and Operations Manager, Rinora Gojani, was part of the environmental talk “Is there a solution?” organized by Riinvest College.

The lecture brought together personalities from various backgrounds, from activists to representatives from government levels, to provide an all-encompassing picture of the current developments within the sustainability realm in Kosovo.

Amongst them was Mimoza Kusari Lila, chairwoman of the Green Caucus Group, who focused on presenting the current state of affairs on the implementation of the legal structures in place for environmental protection in Kosovo, and underlined the need for reforms that lay the foundation for a development that is founded upon the principles of sustainable development.

Rinora Gojani gave emphasis to the negative implications of the current structure of energy sources, where the greatest reliance (over 97%) is on two coal-fired power plants, marking that its effects on air pollution, the environment, and our health are detrimental. “This inherited standing, this current energy mix coupled with heating, transportation, industry, our behaviors that harm the environment need to be altered. It is in our hands and the future generations to mark progress within the energy sector that will bring a just energy transition for a healthier and cleaner environment, for us and the region as pollution knows no boundaries,” stated Gojani

To represent the business sector, Nikki Murseli, program leader and designer at DYVO, highlights the benefits but also challenges of recycling as a business, where she stressed that despite obstacles, such efforts are very important because they are part of the puzzle for all-round efforts to achieve sustainable development.

Valbona Mustafa, an environmental activist, emphasized the importance of these movements as well as the role that each person can play in protecting the environment and raising their voice and getting involved in eliminating this chain of damage in nature. Mustafa stated that “Change begins with us. Together and we will make a difference despite all the problems.” She also made reference to the economic aspect and the lack of assessment for the social and environmental impact.

The lecture ended in a very fruitful discussion, where the students got to ask their questions on the topic and get more familiar with the happenings and opportunities in the field.

Invitation to the Photo Competition “Let’s Talk About Air!”

The Embassy of Sweden in Kosovo announces an open call to take part in a photo competition about air as part of the campaign Let’s Talk About Air. Take the best photo on the topic “Air” and win a prize! The aim of the competition is to raise awareness of the air quality in Kosovo, to highlight the issues of air pollution and to find solutions to improve our air quality and thus get a more green, healthy and environmental-friendly Kosovo.

Invitation to the “Let’s Talk About Air!” Photo Competition

The Embassy of Sweden in Kosovo announces an open call to take part in a photo competition about air as part of the campaign Let’s Talk About Air. Take the best photo on the topic “Air” and win a prize!

The aim of the competition is to raise awareness of the air quality in Kosovo, to highlight the issues of air pollution and to find solutions to improve our air quality and thus get a more green, healthy and environmental-friendly Kosovo.

How do I participate?

1. Take a photo on the topic “Air”.

2. Send the photo to [email protected] with your name and contact details.

3. Upload the photo on social media with the hashtag #letstalkaboutair and #swedeninkosovo.

Deadline: 2021-02-10, 24:00 hours. 

Make sure to read the terms and conditions for the competition on the embassy’s website before participating! You find them here!

What can I win?

First prize: Air purifier from Phillips.

Second prize: Book package including photo book.

Third prize: Book package.

Place 1-10: The photos of the top 10 in the competition will be printed and exhibited at one or several occasions.

The winners are selected by a jury composed by staff members of the embassy of Sweden in Kosovo.