Kurti: A legislative package should be made for the protection of the environment

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti has joined the campaign “Say no to plastic bags” and has received from the association “HANDIKOS” reusable strike worked by people with disabilities. In “Skënderbeu” square in Prishtina, where people with disabilities are standing to promote the campaign, Kurti said that there is a need for institutional responsibility and social awareness for these people but also the protection of the environment.

The chief executive has said a legislative package should be created to protect the environment.

“We must also take care of those who are poorer, weaker, sick or with special needs, but at the same time we must understand that natural resources are finite and they are also a living environment and not just a raw material for technology. Therefore, this initiative is very good, we need institutional responsibility and social awareness. “What we need to do is to create a working group in which certain ministers participate with a parliamentary committee, but also civil society and businesses, in order to make a legislative package for the protection of the environment”, said Kurti.

This campaign aims to protect the environment by not only using plastic bags but also promoting and supporting the work of ten people with disabilities.

According to Kurti, the reduction of plastic bags should be aimed at, and such a thing, he stressed, can be done faster from large models.

And the director of the association “Handikos”, Afrim Maliqi said that Kosovo institutions should influence to eliminate plastic bags.

“These are made by people with disabilities, these bags, simply the protection of the environment is about all citizens without distinction and to achieve civic equality so that people with disabilities are not only equal but also participants in all processes “, said Maliqi.

The Minister of Economy and Environment, Artanë Rizvanolli, said that he recognizes the obstacles faced by people with disabilities and that the existing legal framework is not sufficiently used in relation to them.

HANDIKOS ”and“ The Balkan Forum ”have started today the campaign“ Say no to plastic bags ”where today they stand in“ Skënderbeu ”and“ Mother Teresa ”squares in Prishtina, presenting the re-used strikes that have been worked on several months by persons with disabilities.

Stop charcoal – turn on the sun

If we stopped using coal in the Western Balkans for electricity, heating and heavy industry, this would eliminate the biggest source of air pollution.

Instead of millions of euros in subsidies and billions of credit guarantees for coal-fired power plants, these funds can be used for solar power generation, workers retraining and clean technology.

To put coal together and light up the sun, join our solidarity-based struggle and become part of the United Balkans Clean Air campaign.

Socio-economic, political and environmental impacts of food waste

Let’s Talk About Food Waste aims to initiate a community-led dialogue with other stakeholders in Kosovo on the socio-economic, political and environmental impacts of Food Waste and to pilot innovative solutions to this problem.

The Let’s Talk About Food Waste initiative is implemented by the Green Foundation as part of the HumanRightivism project consortium which is supported by the Swedish Government and managed by the Community Development Fund.

This initiative is also supported by the “Civil Society Program for Albania and Kosovo”, funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and managed by the Kosovo Civil Society Foundation (KCSF) in partnership with Partners Albania for Change and Development (PA).

Air Quality measurements during this week

As part of “Youth Care for Kosovo” project, our activists made air quality measurements this week in the municipality of Drenas, Fushë Kosovë, Obiliq, and Hani i Elezit.

These measurements will continue to be made weekly.

How to read the data?

0-12 = Good
13-35 = Fair
36-55 = Poor
56-150 = Very Poor

Dylos:0.5 >micron
0-75 = Excellent
75- 150 = Very Good
150-300 = Good
300-1050 = Fair
1050-3000 = Poor
3000+ = Very Poor

Kick off the campaign Let’sTalkAboutAir!

The winter is coming to Kosovo, and so does the air pollution. This morning the smog was hanging over Prishtina, as a reminder that the air pollution has reached unhealthy levels. Air pollution affects everyone. It damages peoples’ health and causes massive costs for society. However, we can do something about it, together.

That is why the Embassy of Sweden has initiated the social media campaign #LetsTalkAboutAir. The campaign aims to raise awareness about air pollution – how it affects our health and society. We also aim to show ways forward, by highlighting solutions and encourage citizens to raise their voices and push for political action.

letstalkaboutair #health #democracy #environment

Lecture on environmental issues

Today Ngo PEN were at the “Iliria” primary school in Prishtina for our 13th lecture on environmental issues within the “Youth Care for Kosovo” project.

Thank You to the young students for participating and discussion on renewable energy, green clubs, air, water, and Earth!