State of Nature Report 2018-2021

The drafting of the Report on the state of nature in Kosovo was led by the Kosovo Institute for Nature Protection, regulated according to the responsibilities of the Law on Nature Protection.

The main purpose of the report is to inform about the state of nature, protected areas and biodiversity of Kosovo. Also, through this report, it is intended to influence the improvement of policies for the management and conservation of the values of natural heritage and biodiversity.

The report also serves as a good guide for the orientation of projects and donor support in the nature protection and conservation sector.

The report contains data on the legal, strategic and institutional framework in the nature sector, the state of protected areas, biodiversity, rare plant and animal species, forest ecosystems, interventions in protected areas, records of some interventions in nature, as well as activities and projects carried out for the purpose of nature protection.

An important part of this report are the measures taken for the protection of nature as well as the conclusions and recommendations. The data of the report refer to the period 2018-2021, but in some cases due to lack of data and for aspects of comparison, data for earlier periods have been presented (Report on the state of nature 2010-2014 and report on the state of nature 2015-2017).

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