Low Carbon Economy Summer School

The Kosovar Association for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (AKEREE), with the support of the Government of Germany – through GIZ Kosova, organizes for the seventh time in a row the Summer School for the low-carbon economy. The first day of this event was held today, 02.10.2023, at Hotel “Magra Austria”-Bogë, Pejë. At the opening of this event there were also representatives from GIZ Kosova, the Kosovo Energy Project, where the leader of this project, Mr. Avni Sfishta, presented the topic “Introduction to the Low Carbon Economy”.
Participants of this school are students of various study programs from various university institutions of Kosovo.
During the session of the first day, the following topics were presented:

  • Introduction to the Low Carbon Economy, during which the main concepts and principles of a circular economy, financial mechanisms, financing opportunities, the understanding of carbon markets, carbon pricing mechanisms and the role of carbon trading in promoting emission reductions;
  • Climate change and its impact, where the understanding of the scientific aspect of climate change, causes and possible consequences was discussed;
  • The efforts of international, European and national institutions to deal with climate change, during which it was discussed about:
  • The IPCC institutional framework and the Framework Convention
    United Nations on Climate Change (UNFCCC);
    Paris Agreement 2015 – targets
  • EU energy and climate change policies:
    The EU Green Deal and the Energy Roadmap
    2050, The 2050 Climate Change and Energy Framework.
  • Energy Community Treaty and Community i
  • The Green Agenda of the Western Balkans, as well as
  • Kosovo’s policies related to energy and changes
    climate, (central and local level).