Kosovo is on the list of countries with extreme risk for forest fires

In these hot summer days, the danger level for forest fires has increased. According to the European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS) and the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service, Kosovo was among the countries with an extreme level of risk for forest fires in the following day (https://effis.jrc. ec.europa.eu/apps/effis_current_situation/).

The information provided by these two forecast sources states that: Parts of Southern France, Italy, Greece and Turkey, as well as small areas of Kosovo and Bulgaria, are considered at “extreme risk” of fire risk. (https://news.sky.com/story/weather-latest-uk-corfu-rhodes-fires-wildfires-heatwave-holiday-updates-12920226?postid=6216999#liveblog-body).

On this occasion, the Agency for the Protection of the Environment of Kosovo, namely the Directorates for the Administration of National Parks, in order to prevent the appearance of fires and their spread, have increased vigilance, readiness, control, information and monitoring of the territory of the Parks.

We appeal to all citizens of Kosovo and especially to visitors, residents of park areas, property users, and other citizens to take maximum care in preventing the occurrence of fires and their spread in the territory of parks.

We ask everyone to notify the relevant Directorates if they see any potential fire in the National Parks.

The contact numbers for the Directorate of the National Park “Bjeshket e Nemuna” are: 044 222718 and 044 155735, while for the Directorate of the National Park “Sharri” they are: 045 308164 and 044 263 188.

The emergency numbers of some important institutions that you should keep in mind are: Firefighters 193, Kosovo Police 038/192, mobile 192, Kosovo Police Call Center 112, Quick Help 194 and 038/ 500 094.