The citizens of Klina protest against the construction of the cement factory in the village of Dollc

The Association for the Preservation and Protection of the Environment in Klina has protested against the construction of the cement factory in the village of Dollc in Klina, reports Ekonomia Online. According to the organizers, the residents of Klina and the surrounding villages have strongly opposed the idea of building this factory from the beginning due to the fact that this construction would destroy the environment, water sources, flora and fauna.

Veton Rraci, chairman of the organizing council of the protest, said that although the mayor promised them that the factory would not be built, behind their backs he made the decision to grant the permit. Rraci claims that the residents’ comments in public hearings were falsified and as such were used to provide documentation.

He announced that he has met and received the support of Gazmend Muhaxheri, the mayor of the Municipality of Peja and Ekrem Kastrati, the mayor of the Municipality of Malisheva, and he is waiting for the meeting with the mayors of the Municipalities of Gjakova, Istog and Skenderaj.

He even said that they were worried that the pollution could reach their municipalities.

“Dear mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, our meeting place today is between two squares, that of Muje Krasniqi and Ndue Perlleshi. This is symbolic that these two men guard our Klina from both sides. Both of these great men fought to the point of sacrifice, so that today we can live freely and enjoy life in our ancestral lands. We will honor their work and contribution as much as bread-bread and water-water, and the greatest honor to them is to LIVE IN OUR COUNTRY. If yesterday it was patriotism to fight for the liberation of our country, today we rightly say that patriotism is to protect our country from pollution and protect the health of our parents and children”.

“Living in Klina means feeling the ‘navel’ of Kosovo, as a place with a geographical position where rivers and provinces, culture, customs and traditions come together, Klina is at a node that comes and grows as a city of life. Klina in its course of development has encountered problems and challenges of the time, but it has managed to resist, despite the challenges of the human and natural world, Klina has continued to be made of work and hope! Today, Klina is facing a very serious problem: the construction of the Cement Factory, which is looming over her like a ‘black cloud’, but this is an ‘unworldly idea'”.

Zeqir Veseli, professor at UP, originally from this municipality, unable to be present, his speech was read by one of the organizers.

“It is possible to work without damaging the environment. There are plans on paper from international institutions and our diaspora can receive plans and invest them in Klina. Klina can become one of the main points of attraction in Kosovo”, this was a part of the speech of Professor Veseli.

Egzona Shala from the civil society asked why we should pollute the air on purpose and that they are not asking for more than normal life.

This protest is also supported by 10 civil society organizations: EcoZ, Let’s Do It Kosova, Let’s Do It Peja. Eye of Vision, Active Citizens, Zana, ECOTHINK, DYVÓ, Organization for the protection of the environment – Gjethi and Termokiss.