The Draft Law on Climate Change is approved

The Government of the Republic of Kosovo, within the framework of the 151st meeting, has approved the Draft Law on Climate Change, proposed by the Ministry of Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure. This draft law contains the regulatory basis for plans and concrete investments in adapting to climate change and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change affects each of us, and this law lays the groundwork to prepare our society for the impacts of climate change.

By investing in climate change adaptation measures, we will ensure that our homes, roads and infrastructure are more resilient and better able to cope with events such as floods and extreme heat. The impacts of climate change also appear in other sectors such as the loss of biodiversity, droughts and fires that affect agriculture, livestock, forestry and our health, says the press release of the Ministry of Spatial Planning and Infrastructure. “This draft law lays the foundations for a greener Kosovo and better prepared for the future, through which we accelerate Kosovo’s climate and environmental agenda, with responsibility towards the environment and the fantastic nature of our country,” declared the Minister of Environment, Liburn Aliu.