UNDP in Kosovo with advice on improving air quality in Pristina

These ideas were prefigured for the city of Pristina, but their application is possible in any city and public.

  1. Vertical forests

This suggestion places plants on the facades of buildings in order to increase green spaces and save energy. These green spaces, in addition to producing oxygen and purifying the air, also contribute to the thermal insulation of buildings, especially during the summer.

2. Air purification stations

The second recommendation offers the idea of ​​creating bus stops that clean the air. This concept would offer freshness and clean air to public transport users.

3. City Trees

The last suggestion is to place seats that have different plants and plants. According to this concept, the users of these seats would enjoy 53% less dust and temperatures up to 4°C lower during warm days. In Pristina, such seats have been placed earlier in the city center.