“NaturKosovo” within the hiking trails “Via Dinarica”

The “NaturKosovo” project helps in the development and promotion of the “Via Dinarica” hiking trails in the territory of the “Bješkët e Nemuna” National Park.

The project for hiking trails “Via Dinarica” will affect the development of the tourism sector along the stretch of the trail in the territory of the National Park “Bješkët e Nemuna”, in the three municipalities of Pejë, Deçan and Junik.

The works for the consolidation and maintenance of the paths of the “Via Dinarica” path have already begun. In advance, the researches and studies necessary for the realization of the relevant activities have been done.

Part of the project will also be the distribution of grants to the tourist service providers in the area of operation of the project along the “Via Dinarica” path, which include a fund of 360 thousand euros, which will be available to support the activities that have to do with the promotion of the trail, hospitality, accommodation, catering, and the promotion of local products.

The hiking trail in the national park “Bješkët e Nemuna” is part of the “Via Dinarica” trails that, in addition to Kosovo, extends to seven countries, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Italy. The purpose of the path is to enable the connection of regional communities and regional cooperation through the development of ecotourism.

The “NaturKosovo” project is being financed by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation in cooperation with the Italian Embassy in Pristina.