Wild waste dumps

One of the problems that continues to follow the state of the environment in Kosovo is the presence of illegal dumps.
In order to identify and register illegal dumps, AMMK during 2022 with the participation of representatives of municipalities and officials of regional companies, has done the identification and registration of illegal dumps in the 38 municipalities of Kosovo.

Landfill registration is based on two characteristics: size and composition of waste.
According to the size, the landfills are classified into three categories: large, medium and small landfills.

While according to the composition of waste, landfills are classified into: (a) municipal waste landfills; (b) construction and demolition waste dumps; (c) hazardous waste landfills; (d) bulky waste landfills; and (e) other waste dumps.

In this process, a total of 763 illegal landfills of various sizes were registered in 38 municipalities, where the category of small landfills dominates with a total of 270, while according to the composition, the category designated as other dominates with 40%.

In the region of Prizren, the largest number of illegal landfills was registered with a total of 187, while in the Region of Gjakova, the smallest number of landfills was registered with a total of 30 landfills.

Meanwhile, according to the municipalities, the largest number of wild landfills was registered in the municipality of Lipjan with a total of 88 landfills, followed by the municipality of Malisheva with 84 landfills, while no wild landfills were registered in the municipalities of Vitia and Junik.

It should be noted that year after year significant progress is being made in cleaning up illegal landfills, and we also see less and less that new landfills are being created. This progress has been influenced by the increased commitment of municipalities and waste management companies, but also by the increase in citizen awareness of the importance of protecting the environment. Thus, compared to 1184 wild landfills registered in May 2021, in the last registration carried out in June 2022, the number of wild landfills has decreased by 426, so a total of 763 wild landfills have been identified and registered at the country level.

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