Why is it Important to Teach Children about Eco-friendly Living?

Teaching children about eco-friendly living is crucial for creating a sustainable future.

By educating them on the importance of reducing waste, conserving energy, and preserving the environment, we can empower them to make a positive impact on our planet. 🌎

The project “Environmental Sustainability with Children” is being implemented by EcoZ in partnership with Save the Children Kosova/o and funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).


Reciklimi na ndihmon ta ruajmë mjedisin

Riciklimi i 1 ton tĂ« pajisjeve elektronike (e-waste) mund tĂ« krijoj deri nĂ« 15 vende tĂ« punĂ«s. Projekti “Ekonomi e gjelbĂ«r pĂ«r zhvillim tĂ« qĂ«ndrueshĂ«m”