Earth Hour

Millions of people around the world turn off their lights for an hour to show their unwavering commitment to protecting nature. Earth Hour is marked every year on the last Saturday of March, from 20:30 to 21:30.

This year’s Earth Hour took place at a challenging time. WWF is horrified by the escalation of the war and our hearts and thoughts are with all those affected by this armed conflict, especially the suffering people of Ukraine and all those in the affected regions.

Earth Hour was founded to unite the world in support of people and the planet. Our vision has always been to create positive environmental impacts through the power of the crowd. In these challenging times, Earth Hour 2022 offered another moment of solidarity and the opportunity to come together, to care for each other, and for our common home.

Nature is essential to building a safer, more resilient, and sustainable world for all – a world where everyone thrives and lives in harmony with one another. This year, as the European Union prepares to pass a new law that could make a real difference to the issue of biodiversity and climate crises, we encourage you to find comfort in nature and embrace it for the best it has to offer. offered.