On the International Day of Forests, proper policies for their protection are required from the park of Gërmia

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development (MBPZhR), in cooperation with FAO, marked the “International Day of Forests, in the park of Germia, with the theme “Healthy forests for healthy people”, reports Ekonomia Online.

It was said that the main goal is to raise awareness of the importance of forests and the many benefits they can provide, including air and climate regulation, providing clean water, preserving biodiversity and many other environmental, social and economic.

The Chairperson of the Commission for Environment, Food, Agriculture, Planning and Development, Fitore Pacolli, said that as legislators, they have an obligation to create policies for the protection of forests and ecological protection.

“We who have gathered here know the importance of forests, we also know that forests are one of the most important ecosystems on the planet, they regulate the earth’s climate and in this way provide habitat for us humans and for various plant and animal species. They provide shelter, food and breeding grounds for the wild world and especially for the wild world which is disappearing. Forests support life in various forms, they also play a critical role in human health. Forests are estimated to absorb about 30 percent of the carbon dioxide emitted by human activities. It is our duty to gather here to raise awareness and ensure through our policies, laws and activities, to promote sustainable forest management practices that prioritize ecological protection, social inclusion and economic development,” she said.

The ambassador of Sweden in Kosovo, Jonas Westerlund, said that “Gërmia” reminds him of his country. Westerlund also spoke about the benefits that forests give to people and the environment.

“This view reminds me a lot of Sweden, where I often spent the summer in the woods. This day also serves to remind us that we must take concrete national and international steps to protect forests, such as tree planting campaigns. Forests provide many benefits, both for people and for the environment. You may know that in Sweden every citizen has access to forests, even private lands. In addition to the environment, forests are also very important in social and economic terms. The government is addressing these issues very seriously.

While Daniela Topirceanu, leader of the team for Agriculture and Rural Development, from the EU Office in Kosovo, said that forest conservation is essential for human health.

“Forests have had an irreplaceable role for a long time. They are essential to our health and well-being. They also have a very big role in our economy, creating jobs and food for us. As much as they were important in the past, their importance will increase even more in the future”, she said.