Monitoring of the Water Strategy for Kosovo

PRISTINA, March 20, 2023 – The First Conference was held today for the presentation of the Monitoring of the Implementation of the National Water Strategy for Kosovo 2017-2036 (Monitoring Period 2017-2022) and the presentation of the Policy Proposal for the Management of the Territory About Water Resources in Kosovo ( Policy Brief #1).

During the Conference, the summary of the Monitoring of the Implementation of the National Water Strategy of Kosovo for the 5-year period 2017-2022 was presented. The points where substantial progress has been made in the implementation of the strategy were highlighted, showing the actions taken, in addition to the positive progress, the parts where no progress or little progress has been noted and where actions need to be taken to improve them as soon as possible were highlighted. fast. At the end of the presentation of the results, the recommendations for the relevant institutions that should be undertaken as soon as possible to mark progress in the parts where the implementation of the Strategy is lagging were mentioned.

As a general recommendation, in addition to the specific ones, it is to monitor the implementation of the Strategy and report it by MMPHI in accordance with legal requirements. After the presentation of the strategy implementation report, the conference continued with the presentation of the first summary of politicians under the theme “Troubled waters: Management of the territory around water resources in Kosovo”, which is the first in a series of 5 summaries on topics with focus on water and water security. These two documents were qualitatively drafted through semi-structured questionnaires with open questions to collect input from relevant actors, review of secondary sources and available data.

This conference is organized within the project “Promoting Universal Access to Clean Water”, which is a three-year project (2022-2024) that has the overall goal of improving the management of water resources to ensure that most communities marginalized to be supported and empowered to achieve their rights to access clean water.

This project is financed by the Office of the European Union in Kosovo and implemented by Let’s Do it Peja.