NOTICE to Citizens

Official request
Directed by:
Ministry of Economy and Environment; Environmental Protection Agency of Kosovo; Municipality of Klina; Municipality of Malisheva


We thank you for your meetings and cooperation so far, after the citizens’ concerns about Mirusha Park and Mirusha Waterfalls.

After these meetings, we think that:

  1. The problems that have affected the dryness of the water and the maintenance of the Mirusha Park, are the dams that were built without an environmental permit, that is, they are illegal, and which also affect the quality of the water.
  2. The promenade which violates all laws and regulations of paths and promenades, especially based on the paths of Germise Park which are 1.5 to 2.5 max, as well as the international good practices of European countries, the Klina Promenade with a width of 8-10 meters has destroyed flora and fauna which are protected by the Law on Nature Protection.
  3. Sewage, maintenance and use of water from the surrounding villages also affect the dryness and healthy condition of the Mirusha Waterfalls.

Therefore, we kindly request from all government institutions that:

  1. To stop any work on the Klina Promenade, until the review of the project plan, whether it meets international standards as a Natural Monument for protection as a special area, respecting the Law on the Protection of Nature, Flora and Fauna.
  2. The illegal dams should be resolved as soon as possible by the Ministry of Economy and Environment and the Municipality of Malisheva in cooperation with the International Organization for the Protection of Nature – WWF Adria.
  3. Both municipalities, in cooperation with the appropriate institutions, prioritize the problem of waste water and the use of rivers from the surrounding villages.
  4. To have access and copies of all documentation about the Klina Promenade, such as:
  • Project proposal and draft project plan realized by the Municipality of Klina,
    -Competition/Tendering of this project plan in the Municipality of Klina,
  • The final plan approved by the Ministry of Economy and Environment,
    -Competition/Tendering for the implementation of the project plan,
  • Financial budget plan,
  • Drawings, sketches, videos about the promenade,
    -The report of payments to the contracting company,
  • The waste management and safety supervision plan in this promenade.

We as a Civil Society, as well as many individuals who have expressed their concerns for the protection of the environment, are very grateful that the Ministry of Economy and Environment has allocated this budget of 345,000 euros to the Mirusha Park, and our goal is to continue this investment, but to continue respecting any law, regular, that protects nature, flora and fauna.
We hope that after accessing the required documentation, we will all make the right choice for the Mirusha Park and Waterfalls.

With respect,
Active Citizens
Kosovo Wildlife Care