Plastic bags all over Kosovo, the law is not enforced

Citizens of Kosovo continue not to pay for plastic bags. The Ministry of Environment had warned that such a decision would enter into force at the beginning of this year, but this administrative instruction has been postponed for completion. Environmental experts say that one million kilograms of plastic bags are sold in the Kosovo market.

Although the Ministry of Environment had warned that from January 2023, the citizens of Kosovo will pay for plastic bags, such a thing has not happened yet. In an answer given to Radio Kosovo, this ministry says that in December of the year we are leaving behind, the Administrative Instruction for Packaging and Packaging Waste was completed, but it is postponed for approval.

“This Administrative Instruction not only regulates the issue of plastic bags but also the deposit refund system for bottles (glass, cans and plastic) and in this part we are completing some issues for the regulation of this system, therefore we are forced to We are delaying approval of this guidance until we fix this part. With the changes made, the administrative instruction must once again go to public discussion and then go to the government meeting for approval”, says the written response from the Ministry of Environment.

This initiative of the ministry is also being supported by the organizations that deal with the environment. Adnan Elshani, environmental expert at the electronic platform “Environment Hub”, said that the damage caused by plastic bags is multiple and there is no reason for them to exist on the market anymore.

“There is a symbolic increase in citizens’ awareness based on the 2021 environmental report, which has a 10% decrease in their use. However, 1 million kilograms of plastic bags are sold in the Kosovo market. It should come out with procedures as soon as possible and strictly ban them”, said Elshani.

And a seller in a market in Pristina, said that he would willingly sell these bags for various reasons. But still he continues to give them freely.

“We haven’t started selling them yet, but as soon as we see that a decision has been made by the authorities, we will start selling them.”

Plastic bags in most European countries are subject to payment or are no longer in use. Also, from June 1, the use of plastic bags in Albania is paid for.