CALL FOR THE COMPETITION: “I can protect the environment and prevent climate change”

EC Ma Ndryshe organizes the competition “I can protect the environment and prevent climate change”, which aims to reflect the contribution of young people to the protection and prevention of environmental degradation.

The call is open to all students or groups of high school students of the Municipality of Prizren. This competition will be developed by sending proposals with ideas for different interventions (direct or artistic), thought by themselves.

Students or groups of students from schools participating in the competition must send a proposal for intervention, describing the idea according to the criteria requested in the call and in the documentation attached below.

Ideas and proposals for interventions can touch on the topics of: environmental protection, Biodiversity protection, waste management, air pollution and mechanisms for air protection, water pollution and mechanisms for their protection, or the issue of green spaces, depending on the issues that the students/schools see as a priority for them.

The criteria for evaluating proposals in the “I can protect the environment and prevent climate change” competition are as follows:

The intervention proposal must have a clear description of the idea/intervention and how it will affect the protection of the environment and the prevention of climate change in the community;
The proposal for intervention must have measurable results that will bring direct or indirect benefits in the protection of the environment and the prevention of climate change, thus influencing the change of the community’s behavior for the better regarding this issue;
The proposal for intervention must be the students’ idea and there must be no interference from the school management or professors;
The intervention proposal can be an idea for implementation in the school facility or in the city of Prizren, depending on the request;
The proposal for intervention should not exceed the amount of 1,000.00 euros.
The first three places will be rewarded with financial means, while the intervention proposal that will take the first place, in addition to the reward it will receive, will also be supported with an amount of 1,000.00 euros for its realization by EC Ma Ndryshe .

Completed documentation must be sent to the email:, no later than 22.01.2023.

To download the documentation click here: