The process of drafting the Management Plan of the National Park “Bjeshket e Nemuna” has been finalized.

Within the activities of the “Kosovo Environmental Program” (KEP) project supported by SIDA, the process of drafting the Management Plan of the “Bjeshket e Nemuna” National Park has been finalized.

This activity was part of the third component of the project “Strengthening the management of transboundary natural areas”, which aimed to strengthen the capacities of the Directorates of National Parks for the management of natural resources, to increase the knowledge and protection of biodiversity and to develop the capacities for improving the management of transboundary protected areas.

This Plan does not include detailed technical information related to the Park as there are a large number of other specific studies and sources of relevant scientific data.

The purpose of this plan is to present a realistic and feasible management modality according to the specific legal, environmental and socio-economic context related to the Bješkët e Nemuna National Park.

During the drafting of the PM of the Bješkët e Nemuna National Park, international and local experts were engaged, while in the drafting process the officials within the MMPHI, AMMK, National Parks, Municipalities, NGOs, etc. are also involved.