Temperatures drop, the level of air pollution in Kosovo rises

With the drop in temperatures, the level of air pollution has started to increase in Kosovo.
The drop in temperatures has caused many citizens, especially those who live in houses, to return to burning coal and wood as a heating method, which has a negative impact on air quality.

According to the data of the American Embassy in Kosovo, the air in Kosovo is currently slightly above the allowed values ​​of PM 2.5.

Air pollution is monitored through several tools, one of which is the Air Quality Index – AQI, which turns air quality data into numbers and colors to help people understand when to take action to protect their health.

Currently, the Air Quality Index in Kosovo is 78, while the maximum is expected to reach 190.

A value of 78 of the Air Quality Index means that the pollution is “average” and acceptable.

This level of contamination may be of moderate health concern to a very small number of people.

For example, people who are extremely sensitive to ozone may experience difficulty breathing.