EC Ndryshe in cooperation with NGO “Activism Roots” marked “Youth Week” in the city of Gjakova

During this activity, the City Park was intervened with improvised seats and tables made of wood and plastic, where the young participants had the opportunity to help during their construction.

This intervention comes as an idea from participating students of Community Activism Schools organized by EC.

This idea is also supported by the concern that emerges from the research “Green Public Spaces in Gjakova” carried out by the EC during 2021 with citizens of Gjakova, where 55% of citizens have emphasized that seats in parks and public spaces are not enough.

EC considers that public spaces are an inseparable part of a functional city, therefore through these activities it tries to promote the idea of ​​changing these spaces in different forms, promoting the reuse of plastic as an important factor for environmental protection.