The non-governmental organization PEN (Peer Educators Network) is implementing the CleanWaterCrisis campaign

This campaign aims to make citizens aware of the consequences of polluted water in the ecosystem. Last week we took two water samples from the four rivers of Kosovo: Sitnica, Llap, Lepenc, and the Drenica river.

In more detail, seven water samples were taken in four rivers of Kosovo:

● Sitnica – 1 sample;

● Ointment – ​​2 samples;

● Lepenc – 2 samples;

● Drenica – 2 samples.

These samples were taken in this form in order to compare the results of the level of pollution along the stretch of the river. The samples taken in the field were carried out in cooperation with the Hydrometeorological Institute of Kosovo. Then, the experts in the field analyzed the physical and chemical compositions of the water more deeply. The data generated from the analysis of the samples will be published during this week on PEN’s social networks.

This campaign takes place within the HumanRightivism project, where the donor is the Swedish Government and the project is managed by CDF. For more details, we invite you to follow the campaign on PEN’s official pages on social networks.