Kosovo will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 32% in 2031

In the framework of the draft new National Strategy for Electricity, Kosovo has set strategic objectives. Among other things, one of the objectives aims to reduce emissions as well as to promote decarbonisation and investment in renewable energy sources.

“High carbon emissions in Kosovo will be significantly reduced through the gradual decarbonisation of the energy sector, implementing a carbon pricing system, transposing EU regulation regarding the monitoring, reporting and verification of carbon emissions , as well as creating an adequate institutional and technical infrastructure “, it is said in the draft national energy strategy, published by the Ministry of Economy, reports Kosovo.Energy.

Kosovo aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 32% and increase the share of RES in electricity sector consumption to 35%, from the current 6.3%.

Kosovo will gradually implement the price of carbon, in the same way will attract subsidies for fossil fuels
On the way to reducing carbon emissions and in addition to the obligations undertaken with the signing of the green agenda, Kosovo will have to create a national emissions trading scheme.

According to the energy strategy, Kosovo will complete the preparation of the carbon pricing system in 2025, while it will integrate it in the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) in 2031, reports Kosovo .Energy.

During this period, in the national energy strategy, Kosovo is committed to gradually withdraw subsidies for fossil fuels, which are currently high.

Revenues from the carbon trading system will be placed in the Fair Transition Fund. Exactly how the funds raised will be used will be determined later, but the funds can be used to promote RES, train and rehabilitate the workforce, energy-related projects dedicated to consumers in need, etc., reports Kosovo.Energy.

From 246 MW, Kosovo will increase the installed capacities of RES to 1400 MW in 2031
In the national energy strategy, special emphasis is given to the establishment of renewable energy projects in Kosovo. It says the country will apply auction procedures to ensure a more economical and transparent approach.

“The auction process will start immediately, with the preparation of documentation for the first auction in 2022. Using the experience gained from this auction, the Secondary Legislation for RES Law will be drafted and then rounds of further auctions in the coming years, for wind technologies, photovoltaics and other renewable energy “, it is stated in the energy strategy, reports Kosovo.Energy.

Kosovo aims to increase the installed capacity of the renewable energy sector from 244 MW to 1300 MW. In addition, in 2031, Kosovo has set as a goal to increase the capacity of self-consuming producers (consumers), from 2 MW as it is now, to 100 MW.

Thus, the strategic objective of the draft national electricity strategy is to increase the installed capacity of RES from 246 MW as it is now, to 1400 MW.

Feasibility studies for 8 new heating plants
The draft strategy document, published by the Ministry of Economy, states that by 2031, the government will be engaged in promoting the use of renewable energy for heating.

Although it has not set precise indicators for the use of renewable energy for heating, the strategy states that feasibility studies will be carried out in eight different municipalities (except Gjakova and Pristina, which already have a district heating system), reports Kosovo. Energy.

“This study will help determine the level of use and combination of these technologies by 2031, while the existing system of DH Prishtina will diversify its technology so that by 2025 it includes solar-based heating. of 70 MWth “, it is stated in the strategy.

Comments on the strategy can be submitted until June 27th
Otherwise, together with the publication of the draft national energy strategy for 2022-2031, the Ministry of Economy has started the process of public discussion on this document.

The deadline for submitting comments on the draft national energy strategy is June 27, the Ministry of Economy has announced, reports Kosovo.Energy.

All comments and written contributions should be submitted electronically to the e-mail address adnan.preniqi@rks-gov.net with the title: Contribution to the public consultation process for the Energy Strategy of the Republic of Kosovo 2022-2031.