Promising Practice: Volunteer to clean the banks of the Nerodime River

Volunteers for a Clean Homeland on Sunday, May 29, 2022, organize the event “Let’s clean the banks of the river Nerodime”. Collaborators in organization and logistics are the Mountaineering Mountaineering Association “Kastrioti” @shbakastrioti, the Association “Jezerci” @ shokata.jezerci, Municipality of Ferizaj.

Join us on Sunday, May 29, invite your friends and / or family to take care of nature together with nature lovers from all over Albania, to clean around the banks of the Nerodime River, to visit the rare natural bifurcation and to enjoy the beautiful views from climbing to the ruins of Jezerc Castle.

A few hours of volunteer work together are enough to bring great impact to our society!

Cleaning space: The confluence of two rivers Nerodime, st. The Epic of Jezerc.
Cleaning location:
Meeting place of volunteers: Hib Petrol, near the police in Ferizaj
Meeting at: 09:00

!!! Dear nature lovers, who would like to contribute in a very modest way to cover the transportation costs of volunteers from Albania and other cities in Kosovo, contact us ojmë thank you very much for your support!

We inform you in continuation…

Contact person for Ferizaj: Driton Ismani +38348594828
Contact person for those interested from Peja: Arianit Mula +38349851327
Contact person for Tirana, Durrës: Klevisa Lamaj +355672037426

Try to get the right outfit for work! Mountain boots or shoes and gloves.
Volunteers are provided with bags, water in large cans to avoid plastic.

  • Who has reusable bottles to take with them, as we will only have 7 liter cans in order to reduce the use of plastic by the volunteers themselves!
    Please, all volunteers who have gloves from past actions, take them with them!

Registration link:

To become a participant in this action and to facilitate its organization, we invite you to register in this form.
Each participant must apply individually (except children).