Civic activism: locals protest construction of cement factory

Today, Saturday at 12:00, the citizens of the municipality of Klina have organized a nationwide protest against the planned construction of a cement factory. During this protest there were also matches between Kosovo police officers and demonstrators who with their participation did not allow business actors to be enabled to start building the factory.

The following is the letter addressed to the German Ambassador where local citizens address the issue in question:

Dear representatives of the German state
Dear Your Excellency Mr. Ambassador

Respecting the contribution that the friendly German state has made for the construction of our state these 22 years, we, the inhabitants of the municipality of Klina, gathered as everywhere in your country for the causes of nature conservation and the environment where they live, we are expressing a concern for “inclusion” of your state on a topic that has recently become a concern for the inhabitants of the town of Klina and the Dukagjini plain. Initiatives for unsustainable development of companies which for profit purposes cause damage to the environments where people live (these damages contaminate water, land and air) are actions for narrow business interests, in the Western Balkans it has become a phenomenon. This evil has also happened in our municipality where the newly formed company “Wallingford International-Kosovo L.L.C” tries to build a cement factory in our municipality. Active citizenship, assessing with the utmost seriousness the development of this industry in a country with extreme proximity to the city and the surrounding villages has reacted harshly by using legal and scientific components to reject this ominous project. Documents held today by the economic operator are suspicious by violating the procedures during the provision of documentation for which are provided by applicable laws (public hearing, petition of 5000 inhabitants, environmental assessment, non-compliance with the decision of the municipal assembly which annulled any decision for the construction of cement factories in our municipality).
The curvature of the name of a prestigious German company such as “ThysenKrupp” for the purpose of covering the evils that have occurred for these 2 years has worried us immensely. Our interest in receiving information from this company has resulted that this company is not an investor but as if every consumer in the world can buy equipment that he needs for the needs of factories.
Last night 13/05/2022 a day before the popular protest called to oppose the construction of this factory, the portal Indeksonline harshly attacked the organizing group of the protest and made a low slander using the name of the company in question that allegedly the German investor with a worth 200 million euros will invest in this factory, this is a pure lie for which we as a group are preparing for a lawsuit in the court of Kosovo.
Honorable Ambassador, asking for an official explanation of the German state regarding this untruth, enable us to make a public statement about this misinformation.
With respect to the group “On the rejection of the cement factory in Klina”
Klina, 14/05/2022