Guide for environmental enforcement authorities

In the framework of the activities for “Strengthening the administrative capacity for the implementation of environmental legislation”, a practical Guide for environmental officials has been prepared, which schematically presents all the actions of inspectors when determining and enforcing fines.

The guide is dedicated to officials of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, officials of the Inspectorate for Environmental Protection, municipal environmental inspectors, as well as all officials who have competencies in implementing environmental legislation in the Republic of Kosovo.

The guide provides sufficient information on the legal basis on which fines are imposed and provides them with the procedural actions they must follow when imposing those penalties, providing samples that can be used in the case of determining and drafting penalties, such as official reports, decisions, requests, proposals, etc.

This document provides an overview of all applicable legal provisions in the field of environment, water, construction and housing that correspond to inspectors’ inspection powers. The document also contains the legal provisions for inspection supervision so that inspectors are aware of the legal basis of their powers as inspectors.

The guide provides a brief description of central and local level institutions with competencies for the implementation of environmental legislation. This primarily refers to the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, the Environmental Protection Inspectorate, the Environmental Protection Agency and other law enforcement institutions.