Annual Report on the State of the Environment 2020

The drafting of the Report on the State of the Environment in Kosovo is in accordance with the Law on the Environment1. According to Article 25 of the law, the Government of Kosovo, on the proposal of the Ministry of Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure, of the Assembly, Annual Report on the State of the Environment.

The report is not related to: previous state of the environment and changes in the environment compared to the environmental impact report on the condition of the people, the state of the endangered environment, the technique of environmental strategy and action plan, Protected measures for environmental protection, environmental clothing and financing system for environmental protection.

At the end of the government’s duties, the Kosovo Environmental Protection Agency is the document that drafts this document. This annual report annual environment year for 2020, but also its further data have considerable room for comparison purposes.

For drafting the report, KEPA has collected facilities from monitors, operators, various enterprises, publications, reports and other sources. The collection data have been processed into qualitative environmental information which is now set out in this report. The presentation of the situation for some environmentalists is less hurt like damage to data cases, decisions, legal basis of monitoring monitoring or even other institutional management institutions.

The report criticisms are the informing of decision makers on the state of the environment in Kosovo, in order to have information defined for the drafting of appropriate environmental policies for the orientation of development, plans and strategic investments in sectors that have an impact on the environment, such as: economy, industry, energy, transport, agriculture, etc.
Preliminary Annual Report on the State of the Environment 2020, has been discussed and approved by the Government of Kosovo and the Assembly of Kosovo.

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