The Balkan Green Foundation conducted a survey of 623 Kosovar households on electricity consumption

The survey was conducted online, and was open to be completed by all citizens. The survey asked citizens to provide data obtained from the electricity bill for December 2021, the number of family members and household income.

The average of the participants in the survey was: 4 members per family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 – with 23% of respondents with a monthly income over 1000 EUR, 34% of respondents with a monthly income of 500-1000 EUR and 43% of of respondents with monthly income below 500 EUR.

The answers of the respondents show that: 82% consume over 600 kWh of electricity muaj per month.

The survey shows that out of 623 surveyed households are heated by:

43% electricity;

25% wood stoves;

9% combined category (wood and electricity stoves);

8% boiler with pellets;

5% central heating;

5% air conditioning for heating;

4% heat pump;

1% other ways of heating.

Find the results of this survey illustrated in the attached graphs and the following link: