Water Status Report in Kosovo 2020

This report presents the state of water in Kosovo for the period 2015 -2020. The report includes the state of surface water, groundwater, laws and bylaws for the water sector, strategic documents for water, hydrographic water network, rainfall, protected water areas, water use by different sectors as well as investments and projects in the water sector.

Data for the preparation of the report have been collected by institutions that monitor the quality and quantity of water, companies that manage water and other governmental and non-governmental institutions which have certain responsibilities in the water sector.

Some data have also been obtained from various sources such as various publications, projects and studies. In the report the data are presented in textual, tabular, and figures divided according to the respective fields and sectors. In a separate chapter of the report, conclusions are drawn and recommendations are given for taking appropriate measures to improve the situation.

The main purpose of the report is to inform the general public about the state of water in Kosovo, but at the same time this report is valuable information for policy orientation in the water sector and a document that can serve donors in the orientation of projects in the water sector. waters.

This is the third sectoral report on the state of water. KEPA has previously published the Water Status Report 2010 and the Water Status Report 2015. The report is published in electronic format and in paper format in Albanian, Serbian and English and is distributed free of charge to the public and all other stakeholders.

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