A criminal report is submitted for the degradation of the waterfall and Mirusha park

NGO Active Citizens has filed a criminal report regarding the degradation of the Natural Monument “Waterfalls and Mirusha Park” declared as a special area, related to the project: Cleaning the environment and repairing the pedestrian and bicycle lane with lighting and recreation from the regional road Klina -Jakova to Mirusha Waterfall, reports Ekonomia Online.

Flutura Zymi from this organization said that the officials involved of the Municipality of Klina and the Ministry of Environment, Spatial Planning, Infrastructure MESP, with their actions and omissions have committed criminal offenses of degradation or destruction of the environment according to Article 338 of the Criminal Code of Kosovo. illegal permitting of installations that pollute the environment article 340, abuse of trust article 330 as well as abuse of official position or authority sanctioned by article 414 of the Criminal Code.

“The project initiated by the Municipality of Klina on 19.07.2019 is not foreseen in the spatial plan of Mirusha, there was no public debate or decision by the Assembly of Kosovo or the Municipal Assembly, then on 31.07.2019 MESP authorizes the project with the start and implementation of procurement procedures, in the amount of 384 00 euros without environmental permit, without construction permit, without environmental impact assessment without environmental report and without the recommendations of the Kosovo Institute for Nature Protection and at the same time the project has no eligibility assessment for ecological network which is mandatory according to the Law on Nature Protection ”.

According to her, the project in question has degraded zones 1 and 2 which is a strict zone, they have intervened in the existing path in a width of 2 meters by degrading it to 10 to 15 meters for 2.3 km, an intervention which has affected the characteristics and values ​​for which Mirusha has been declared a Natural Monument according to Article 14 of the Law on Nature Protection, reports EO.