Municipalities to publish annual reports of environmental protection inspections

The Law on the Inspectorate of Environment, Water, Nature, Spatial Planning and Construction aims, inter alia, at organizing and overseeing inspections, as well as coordinating inspection oversight, and other issues of importance in this regard. However, this coordination is still not at the right level, between the local and central level inspectorate, as for environmental issues the local level does not report to the Inspectorate of the Ministry through annual reports, although this is a legal obligation.

Inspection supervision according to the legislation means control and supervision over the implementation of the law and other legal acts, as well as the implementation of administrative measures and other measures against working activities, natural and legal persons in order to prevent, reduce and eliminate irregularities in law enforcement and provisions other legal in force.

Pursuant to the Law on the Inspectorate of Environment, Water, Nature, Spatial Planning and Construction, the organization of the inspectorate at the local level within the municipal directorates is realized according to the respective fields: Municipal Inspectorate of Environmental Protection, and Municipal Inspectorate of Construction, where the number is assigned of inspectors is regulated by the local government body.
“Municipal inspectors keep the records of inspection supervision and are obliged to report to the Inspectorate of the Ministry through annual reports in the relevant fields,” said in the provisions of this law.

However, according to the statements of the responsible officials of MESP, there are no regular reports from the local level inspectorate, although at the end of the year they should inform the Inspectorate of the Ministry about the work done, in order for this to serve as coordination. of activities of the same line. According to them, the local level inspectors fulfill their obligations according to the legislation regarding special cases and at the request of the Inspectorate of the Ministry, in which case they report according to the specific request.

It should be reminded that the Municipal Inspectorate of Environmental Protection exercises its duties and responsibilities through control and inspection oversight in the implementation of laws in the field of environmental protection, water and nature, and that according to legislation should carry out oversight in the implementation of measures and conditions set by Municipal environmental permits, water and nature protection permits, issued by the Municipality.

EC Ma Ndryshe considers that in the absence of sending annual reports to MESP and as well as their non-publication on the websites of the Municipality, the public is deprived of the right to be notified and seek responsibility regarding cases of environmental pollution, environmental damage or degradation. of the environment.

The EC therefore calls on public authorities to further improve cooperation and coordination between them for the implementation of measures as well as inspection supervision in order to protect the environment, according to the concept of sustainable development, in order to minimize the risk to life and health. human beings as well as other creatures, as well as to ensure the conservation and protection of natural resources, in parallel with the promotion of public participation in environmental protection activities.