Citizens’ reaction to the environmental scandal related to asbestos and the lack of green spaces

The Lakrishtë neighborhood residents’ council was received today by the mayor of Prishtina, Mr. Përparim Rama.

In this meeting, the residents expressed their concern and arguments regarding the environmental scandal of uncontrolled destruction of carcinogenic asbestos, as well as the list of legal and procedural violations regarding the dubious 120 million business-housing project of the Public Housing Enterprise, which was allowed by former municipal government.

The Residents’ Council submitted a petition signed by about 1 thousand adult residents, mainly heads of households, requesting the Mayor of Prishtina, the Municipal Assembly, the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning to review all of them on the basis of arguments. illegal decisions and completely cancel this dubious project which is being investigated by the Kosovo Police.

Residents’ representatives, after expressing their concern about the non-transparency that accompanied this project and the lack of public debate, submitted a request through a petition for the creation of a park on municipal public property, arguing this request with the lack of green spaces, large scale of environmental pollution and the fact that this neighborhood is located in an area overloaded with tall buildings and vehicles.

The Mayor of Prishtina, Përparim Rama, after thanking the residents for the presented arguments, expressed his concern with the asbestos destruction scandal and promised that he will deal with this case and avoid the continuous consequences that the residents are facing as a result. of contamination. He promised that the Municipality of Prishtina, after reviewing the arguments presented by legal experts, will annul all illegal decisions while emphasizing that it will be a cooperative partner and supporter of reasonable requests of residents.