Swedish Ambassador to Kosovo Karin Hernmarck: Polluted air has serious health consequences

Air quality is vital for the health of the citizens of Kosovo

The Swedish Embassy in Kosovo has launched the third consecutive campaign ‘Talking about the air’ in cooperation with the green journalism platform ‘BB Green Kosova’.

“Let’s talk about the air”, is a campaign organized by the Swedish Embassy in Kosovo, with the creator and creator of the digital campaign launched in 2019, Ambassador Karin Hernmarck.

The campaign will be extended in the media and digital aspect, through social networks, in which case, this year, the aim of the campaign was to bring closer to the citizens, but also to the politicians themselves, through the stories of journalists, interviews and daily reports. the importance of air quality, but also the consequences of its pollution.

We need to talk about the air, its pollution, which is caused every day by power plants, especially during the winter, here in Kosovo, and in general, from fuels or other pollutants.

The campaign started on December 1 and will continue until February 28, 2022, and during these days, every week will be published interviews of different profiles showing what damage is constantly caused by polluted air in terms of health and environment. .

The peculiarity of the third edition is that, in addition to the inclusion of green journalists from Kosovo in this campaign, the journalist Lennart Berggren from Sweden will also report, who will focus on Swedish heating and insulation techniques. So, in addition to talking about the situation, during the campaign will come some Swedish solutions, in this regard.