You can meet the dinosaur Dino at the Kosovo government

Today at 17:00 at the building of the government of Kosovo is done the projection of the silhouette of the dinosaur in the continuation of the campaign ‘Do not Choose to Exterminate’.

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Kosovo together with the Office of the Prime Minister will design a dinosaur silhouette in the Government building to mark the closing of the COP26 global climate summit and promote the global climate change campaign entitled Do Not Exterminate .

UNDP Resident Representative Maria Suokko together with Ulrika Richardson UN Development Coordinator, representatives of the diplomatic community and representatives from the Office of the Prime Minister, the Presidency, the MP, the Ministry will be present for the projection of Dino on the walls of building.

The aim of the one-year global campaign is to raise awareness of the urgency to move away from using fossil fuels and switching to cleaner energy, and one of its key features is the character of Frankie the Dino (Frenkie Dinosaur), who, on behalf of its species, sends a message that we must act now – before the threat of humanity’s extinction becomes a reality.

The event will also be attended by Dino, who worked in Kosovo for conversation and photography with the participants./BB Green Kosova