Over 100 illegal landfills are removed without a guarantee that they will not be refilled

With excavators and trucks, 45 thousand cubic meters of waste were removed.

The landfill, which has been established for years in the village of Bërnica, is leaving the Municipality of Prishtina shortly before the end of Shpend Ahmeti’s government.

According to the Directorate of Public Services, during the last two years 140 illegal landfills have been removed from the capital, 20 of them large as the case of the latter. “In 2019, according to the report of the Kosovo Environmental Management Agency, 146 illegal landfills were identified in Pristina. In 2021 that number has dropped to 6.

We have constantly removed the landfill. We had about 20 large landfills, one of them is the one we are removing in the village of Bërnica. This landfill had over 45 thousand cubic meters of waste which we are removing “, said Medina Braha, director of Public Services in Prishtina.

Although Braha says that there are only 6 landfills left, the directorate is not able to stop their re-creation. “Warehouses of such dimensions in the industrial zone, in the village of Lebana, in Hajvalia. We have dropped to 6, but now we also have some small ones that are being recreated because it is impossible to surround them in those areas in each part.

“We have surrounded some places,” she added. She pointed out that once every two months she collects bulky waste in each neighborhood so as not to create illegal landfills. Citizens say they have a big responsibility, but institutions need to do more to create more containers.

However, for punishments of citizens who throw garbage in the wrong place is the Directorate of the Inspectorate, which has not given an answer whether they have imposed punishments on citizens.

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