Lake Batllava is cleaned, it is appealed not to pollute the water

Rule of Democracy in Kosovo SDK has organized an activity for cleaning around the lake by placing signs that carry messages for civic awareness on the preservation of drinking water in Lake Batllava.

SDK, being constantly active, is committed to through various activities to influence the increase of civic awareness and at the same time to advocate to institutions for water care in Lake “Batllava”.

One of the constant requests has been the placement of baskets in the areas around the Lake, and these baskets have already been placed by the Municipality of Podujeva. In connection with this, SDK has undertaken a cleaning action around Lake “Batllava” in Orllan and several awareness signs (plaques) have been placed.

The content of the plaques is intended to influence the civic mass on the importance of drinking water and care for water conservation and maintenance.

This activity is part of the project “Citizen and institutional activism in improving the situation for a healthy environment” which is financially supported by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.