EU Kosovo report 2021, findings on environment and climate change

Kosovo is at an early stage of preparation on environment and climate change. Progress Limited was achieved during the reporting period, notably on environmental reporting and air quality monitoring. In order to be aligned with the Green Agenda for the Western Balkans goals, Kosovo needs to increa se its political commitment to address environmental degradation and climate change challenges. All recommendations from the previous report are still pending. In the coming year, Kosovo should in particular:

  • establish an effective water monitoring system, publish data and undertake urgent and permanent measures to reduce air and water pollution;
  • continue to increase the waste collection coverage, notably with the introduction of separation of waste and recycling, introduce circular economy measures to reduce waste and address effectively the issue of illegal dumpsites;
  • enforce legal provisions on environmental liability, damage and crime; implement the polluter pays principle and create and start a permanent campaign for raising public awareness on envi ronmental protection;
  • implement the climate change strategy and the action plan on climate change, prepare a roadmap for alignment with the Green Agenda for the Western Balkans and climate acquis , adopt a National E nergy and Climate Plan, in line with the Energy Community requirements and start drafting the long term decarbonisation strategy.