The State of the Environment Report in Kosovo 2020 is approved

The Government of the Republic of Kosovo in its 39th meeting, had as item on the agenda the Review and Proceedings in the Assembly of Kosovo of the Annual Report on the State of the Environment in Kosovo for 2020. On this occasion, along with other decisions, the Government has approved the Report on the State of the Environment in Kosovo 2020 and according to legal requirements has processed it for further discussion and approval in the Assembly of Kosovo.

The report includes data on the state of the environment and change in the environment compared to the previous report, environmental pressures, environmental impacts on the health of the population, the state of endangered environments, implementation of the Strategy and Action Plan, measures taken to protect environment, the functioning of environmental institutions and the financing of the system for environmental protection.

The drafting of the Report on the State of the Environment in Kosovo is based on the Law on Environmental Protection. According to Article 25 of this law, the Government of Kosovo, on the proposal of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, submits to the Assembly a State of the Environment Report.

The main purpose of this report is to inform the central institutions and the general public about the state of the environment in Kosovo, however, its data are a good basis that can also serve for the drafting of environmental policies and for the orientation of developments, planning and strategic investments in sectors that have an impact on the environment such as: industry, energy, transport, agriculture, etc.