Promising practice and importance of cleaning and recycling

For World Cleanup Day, the NGO PACT organizes the activity for cleaning and recycling of discarded tires in Germia Park in Prishtina.

PACT NGO members including volunteers collected tires thrown at an illegal landfill in Germia Park. A day earlier activists were engaged in clearing the landfill and the collection tires were recycled in an innovative way by re-disposing the old tires in flower pots.

This activity can also serve to raise citizens’ awareness of environmental clean-up and waste recycling, redefining them in a creative and visible way.

The importance of cleaning and also recycling is shown through a model of ‘mini flower gardens’. Use mini-gardens need less water, fertilizer and get a better weed control. Also the tires absorb the heat of the sun and the earth warms up faster.

This activity is organized by the SideStep project which is implemented within HumanRightivism, supported by the Swedish Embassy in Pristina. activity organizations for cleaning and recycling tires to throw in Germia Park in Prishtina.