Representatives from Kosovo are elected to the Board of Directors of the Dinaric Parks network

The Director of the National Park “Sharri” Bajram Kafexholli and the Director of the National Park “Cursed Mountains”, Fatmir Morina, are participating in the Annual Conference of Dinaric Arc Parks – (Network of Protected Areas of Dinaric), which is being held this year in the Bar of Montenegro.
This year the network conference is being held under the motto “Protected Areas for the New Decade – Future Challenges”. One of the main goals of the conference is to improve communication between network members and strengthen cooperation for the development of new plans and initiatives for the future.
The main topics of the conference this year are: the impact of the COVID pandemic on protected areas, the expansion of the Dinaric region with new protected areas, the perspective of protected areas in the context of European Union policies, the management of visitors to protected areas, monitoring of mammal species in the Dinaridae area as well as pressures on natural resources in the protected areas of this region. The members of the Network had the opportunity to get acquainted in detail with the activities carried out in the previous two years.
In accordance with the Statute of Dinaric Parks, within the conference was held the General Assembly of the network where the election of the members of the new Board of Directors took place. In the framework of the election of new members for the Steering Board, Kosovo is represented with the position of Vice President of this network and with one member in the Technical Council of the Board.
In addition to the representatives of the National Park “Bjeshkët e Nemuna” and the National Park “Sharri”, Kosovo in this network is also represented by the Nature Park “Gërmia”.
Kosovo Parks are the full members of the Dinaric Parks network since 2014. The Dinaric Parks Network consists of 95 protected areas from Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.