Appeal for mobilization not to light fires

At a time when our country is facing high temperatures, unfortunately a disturbing phenomenon is emerging, endangering people’s lives, economic consequences and environmental damage. It is about the appearance of fires, which are appearing everywhere in Kosovo, which are damaging forests, forest lands, but also other rural and urban areas.

Forests make up about 44.7% of the territory of the Republic of Kosovo, and are a valuable national resource. Forest fires, in addition to wood, also endanger wild flora and fauna, because forests are their habitat – their home.

We call for maximum care in the preservation of forests, nature and the environment. We also appeal to all responsible institutions starting from the municipalities, KFA Municipal Units, fire service and police for coordination of actions, as well as increased care in fire prevention, and mobilization in their extinguishing.

We call in particular for the mobilization and increased care of the forest guards, to actively monitor the situation, and to identify the perpetrators, and to provide information to the law enforcement agencies, for the persons who cause the fires.

Please be careful and DO NOT LIGHT FIRE! Preserve forests, because they are precious national resources, and on which our lives depend!

Be part of the prevention and extinguishing of fires in cases of forest fires.

Notify the competent authorities in your municipalities for a quick response.

Assist the responsible institutions in dealing with forest fires. It is a civic and cultural obligation to be the lord of the country when he needs you.

WARNING: Lighting a fire is punishable by law!

Legal basis

Forest protection

Pursuant to Article 12, 13, 16, 17 and 18 paragraph 18.1 (f) of Law No. 03 / L-040 on Local Self-Government (Official Gazette No. 28/04 June 2008), is cited:

Municipal acts paragraph 12.2 point d) any other act necessary or necessary for the efficient functioning of the municipality

Article 13 The mayor issues ordinances and decisions

– Article 16 municipal competencies

Item g) responsibility for local emergencies.

Point s) any matter that is not expressly excluded from their competence

– Article 18 delegated competencies article 18.1 point f0 protection of forests that occurred in the territory of the municipality within the authorizations delegated by the central authority.

– Law No. 03 / L-153 on amending and supplementing Law No. 2003/3 on Kosovo Forests,

– Article 11 which amends and supplements Article 26 of the Basic Law defines the title “fire protection” is changed to the title “Forest protection”

– Article 12 paragraph 29.7 Forest protection in the territory of the Municipality is defined as delegated competence according to Article 18 of the Law on Local Self-Government, and paragraph 19.12, is quoted: “Forest protection as a competence is delegated to municipalities”

a) “the forest protection service as a whole in accordance with Article 29.1, 29.2 and 29.3 of Chapter VIII of the Law on Forests of Kosovo shall pass as a municipal competence”.