Organization for the protection and regeneration of Kosovo forests

29 July, Kino ARMATA.

Do you know how many forest areas we are losing every day in Kosovo?

– Are you aware of what has happened to our forests in the last 20 years

These are some of the questions that prompted us to research and make a deeper analysis of the state of forests in Kosovo. Using Geographic Information System (GIS) technology and using satellite imagery from the European Space Agency, we have learned that the state of forests in Kosovo in the last 20 years is alarming.

It costs us our future, health and the loss of fresh air. Why is this happening in our mountains?

This invisible danger is silently robbing us of our future.

The time has come to act as if we are taking our last breath!

But it is not too late!

Unite as individuals, businesses and governments! Let us unite and protect the forests we have left, and regenerate what we have lost. We can ensure a healthy future and clean air for all. We can develop the economy in harmony with the rich nature!

We invite you to join us in #MoseMerrMalin – a public event which marks the beginning of our movement for the Protection and Regeneration of Kosovo forests. With you we will share the research done and the interactive map which visually explains the loss of our forests in the last 20 years.

The event will start with the presentation of #MoseMerrMalin and will continue with an interactive discussion with the guests:
Indira Kartallozi – Founder and Leader of SLK
Fitore Pacolli – Chairwoman of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture, Forestry, Rural Development, Environment & Infrastructure
Granit Gashi – Heinrich Böll Foundation, Activist
Nermin Mahmuti – Executive Director at Community Development Fund, CDF
Faruk Foniqi – Geographer / GIS & Remote Sensing Specialist, IGGTK
moderated by Mentor Dida – Leadership and Welfare Trainer
Join in this discussion!


This deforestation research was led by Sustainability Leadership Kosovo (SLK) in collaboration with the Institute for GIS and Geospatial Technology of Kosovo @IGGTK in Kosovo, CorrelAid and MasterStory in the Netherlands. The movement name and material of #MoseMerrMalin was inspired by activists participating in the #CreAct project supported by the Community Development Fund – CDF as part of the HumanRightivism Project.