The Sustainable Development Goals Report

The report demonstrates that progress is being made in some
critical areas, and that some favorable trends are evident. Extreme
poverty has declined considerably, the under-5 mortality rate fell
by 49 per cent between 2000 and 2017, immunizations have saved
millions of lives, and the vast majority of the world’s population now
has access to electricity. Countries are taking concrete actions to
protect our planet: marine protected areas have doubled since 2010;
countries are working concertedly to address illegal fishing; 186 parties
have ratified the Paris Agreement on climate change, and almost all
have communicated their first nationally determined contributions.
About 150 countries have developed national policies to respond to the
challenges of rapid urbanization, and 71 countries and the European
Union now have more than 300 policies and instruments supporting
sustainable consumption and production. And a wide range of other
actors—international organizations, businesses, local authorities, the
scientific community and civil society—have engaged with the SDGs in
a manner that generates great hope for the coming decade. The United
Nations, for its part, is working hard to reposition to the United Nations
development system to be better equipped to meet the needs of
governments to respond to this integrated and transformative agenda.

Community Development Fund – CDF

Embassy of Sweden in Pristina